1901 Census Extracts - Cambridgeshire

Name                Rel to Head      Condition    Age    Occupation             Where born

RG13/01543/47/8 - Linden End, Haddenham

Henry JERMY            Head             Married    43     Police Constable       Wroxham, NFK
Emily JERMY            Wife             Married    42                            Woodbastwick, NFK
Eleanor E JERMY        Daughter                    14                            Stuntney, CAM
Florence L JERMY       Daughter                    12                            Stuntney, CAM
Gladys A JERMY         Daughter                    9                             Stuntney, CAM
Oliver H H JERMY       Son                         5                             Haddenham, CAM

RG13/01547/62/1 - Lynn Road, Littleport, Isle of Ely

John SALLIS            Head             Married    48     Horse keeper on Farm   Littleport, CAM
Clara SALLIS           Wife             Married    39                            N Lewes, SSX
Charles SALLIS         Son                         15     Horse boy              Littleport, CAM
Bertram SALLIS         Son                         13     Worker on Farm         Littleport, CAM
Eva JERMY              Step daughter               13     Worker on Farm         Newhaven, SSX
Beatrice JERMY         Step daughter               10                            St Ives, HUN