1901 Census Extracts - Essex

Name                Rel to Head      Condition    Age    Occupation             Where born

RG13/01654/91/56 - 9 Mafeking Terrace, Barking

William JERMY          Head             Married    36     General Labourer       Whitechapel, LND
Eliza JERMY            Wife             Married    33                            Barking, ESS
Eliza JERMY            Daughter                    11                            Barking, ESS
Elizabeth JERMY        Daughter                    8                             Barking, ESS
William JERMY          Son                         6                             Barking, ESS
John JERMY             Son                         3                             Barking, ESS
Clara JERMY            Daughter                    1                             Barking, ESS

RG13/01611/57/5 - 30 Pevensey Road, Cann Hall

John JERMY             Head             Married    36     Railway Signalman      Wroxham, NFK
Mary Alice JERMY       Wife             Married    33                            Docking, NFK
Percy R JERMY          Son                         13     Reader Printer's Boy   Docking, NFK
Lillian G JERMY        Daughter                    11                            Bow, LND
Ada Violet JERMY       Daughter                    9                             Leyton, ESS
Ivy R JERMY            Daughter                    1                             Forest Gate, ESS
Harold G JERMY         Son                         2 m                           Forest Gate, ESS

RG13/01672/129/3 - The Essex Industrial School, Rainsford Road, Chelmsford

Theophilus JERMY       Inmate                      14     Industrial School Boy  Norwich, NFK

RG13/01676/28/27 - Broadway, Hadleigh St James

James JERMY            Head             Married    64     Draper                 , LND
Ann JERMY              Wife             Married    68     Domestic               , LND

RG13/01642/32/14 - Cottage, Churchgate Street, Harlow

James JERMY            Head             Married    74     Shoe Maker             Orston, NFK
Martha JERMY           Wife             Married    77                            Harlow, ESS

RG13/01649/11/13 - 157 Thorold Road, Ilford

Harry OAKMAN           Head             Married    40     Telegraph Clerk        Marylebone, LND
Mary J OAKMAN          Wife             Married    39                            Strand, LND
Harriet JERMY          Servant          Single     17     General Servant        Witton, NFK

RG13/01652/147/9 - Claybury Lunatic Asylum, Barkingside, Ilford

E JERMY                Patient          Single     61     Washing & Charing      Unknown,

RG13/01652/96/31 - Dr Barnardos Home, Barkingside, Ilford

Harriett JERMY         Inmate                      8      Scholar                Unknown,

RG13/01679/166/51 - 101 Queens Road, Prittlewell

James JERMY            Head             Married    41     Book Seller & Curio    , LND
Sophia JERMY           Wife             Married    34                            Norwich, NFK
Walter JERMY           Son                         10                            , LND
Harold JERMY           Son                         4                             , LND
Doris JERMY            Daughter                    1                             , LND

RG13/01624/17/26 - 38 Hove Avenue, Walthamstow

Joseph JERMY           Head             Married    23     Jewellers Assistant    Canada, CAN
Nelly JERMY            Wife             Married    28                            Milton, KEN

RG13/01588/80/25 - 17 Shelton Road, West Ham

William J JERMY        Head             Married    43     Bank Clerk             Harlow, ESS
Francis JERMY          Wife             Married    43                            Poplar, MDX
Lillian M JERMY        Daughter                    19     Card Painter           Forest Gate, ESS
Eleanor J JERMY        Daughter                    14                            Forest Gate, ESS