1901 Census Extracts - Lincolnshire

Name                Rel to Head      Condition    Age    Occupation             Where born

RG13/3060/29/50 - 33 Ellison Street, Bracebridge

Pearmain GERMANY       Head             Married    46     Groom                  Bishop Norton, LIN
Ann GERMANY            Wife             Married    45                            Branston, LIN
Ralph GERMANY          Son                         9                             Bracebridge, LIN
Nellie GERMANY         Daughter                    8                             Bracebridge, LIN
Hilda GERMANY          Daughter                    4                             Bracebridge, LIN
Margaret GERMANY       Daughter                    2                             Bracebridge, LIN

RG13/03093/24/40 - 163 Hainton Road, Clee

William B JARMEY       Head             Married    30     Draper                 North Thoresby, LIN
Maude A JARMEY         Wife             Married    26                            Grimsby, LIN
Marjorie JARMEY        Daughter                    4                             Grimsby, LIN

RG13/3093/135/17 - Back of 143 - Smith Building, Hope Street, Clee

James JERMYN           Head             Married    59     Fish Dock Labourer     Reedham, NFK
Sarah JERMYN           Wife             Married    47                            Dunbar, SCT
John JERMYN            Son                         17                            Yarmouth, NFK
William JERMYN         Son                         14                            Yarmouth, NFK

RG13/3094/53/5 - 3 Tunnard Street, Clee

Harry GERMANY          Son!             Unmarried  16     Twine Spinner (No Head Grimsby, LIN
                                                          for this family)
Albert GERMANY         Son!                        14     Twine Spinner          Grimsby, LIN
Ben GERMANY            Son!                        12                            Grimsby, LIN
Ada GERMANY            Daughter                    9                             Grimsby, LIN
Alice GERMANY          Daughter                    7                             Grimsby, LIN
Florrie GERMANY        Daughter                    5                             Grimsby, LIN
Harriet BURTON         House Keeper     Unmarried  38     Domestic Duties        Yarmouth, NFK

RG13/3094/119/26 - 42 Hilda Street, Clee

John GERMANY           Head             Married    73     Living on own means    Sprowston, NFK
Elenor GERMANY         Wife             Married    68     Living on own means    Sprowston, NFK
Thomas GERMANY         Son              Unmarried  28     Labourer among Coal    Grimsby, LIN

RG13/3088/62/37 - 14 Eastgate, Grimsby

Emma Jane GERMANY      Head             Unmarried  58     Shopkeeper & Grocer    Holbeach, LIN

RG13/3091/125/6 - 123 Newmarket Street, Grimsby

Henry C GERMANY        Head             Married    22     Fish Curers Labourer   Grimsby, LIN
Florence GERMANY       Wife             Married    22                            Birmingham, WAR
Violet GERMANY         Daughter                    9 m                           Grimsby, LIN

RG13/3091/129/13 - 193 Albion Street, Grimsby

Charles REDFORD        Head             Married    32     Fish Curer             Bratoft, LIN
Emily REDFORD          Wife             Married    31                            Harbrough, LIN
Charles REDFORD        Son                         6                             Grimsby, LIN
Joseph GERMANY         Boarder          Unmarried  20     Fish Curer             Grimsby, LIN
Walter GERMANY         Boarder          Unmarried  18     Fish House Labourer    Grimsby, LIN

RG13/3092/10/12 - 61 Bath Street, Grimsby

Ellen GERMANY          Head             Married    22     Fish Cleaner           , SCT
Sarah J MORRIS         Lodger           Married    37                            Hull, YKS
Sarah E MORRIS         Lodger                      12                            Hull, YKS
Lily MORRIS            Lodger                      6                             Hull, YKS

RG13/3092/36/9 - 81 Olwell Street, Grimsby

Henry WILLIAMS         Head             Married    48     Shipwright             Grimsby, LIN
Elizabeth WILLIAMS     Wife             Married    49                            Baroun, LIN
George WILLIAMS        Son              Unmarried  24     Seaman                 Grimsby, LIN
Ellen GERMANY          Servant          Unmarried  20     General Domestic       Grimsby, LIN

RG13/3039/50/14 - Sneaths Row, Bassington Gate, Holbeach

George GERMANY         Head             Widower    54     Horse Dealer           Holbeach, LIN
Clara A GERMANY        Daughter         Unmarried  18                            Holbeach, LIN
Louisa C GERMANY       Daughter                    16                            Holbeach, LIN
William G GERMANY      Son                         14                            Holbeach, LIN

RG13/3032/70/12 - 8 Albion Street, Spalding

Jacob P WATKINS        Head             Married    28     Ammonia Agent          Whaplode, LIN
Lena C WATKINS         Wife             Married    27                            Holbeach, LIN
Siddia H WATKINS       Daughter                    3                             Spalding, LIN
Ed Proctor WATKINS     Son                         1                             Spalding, LIN
Martha GERMANY         Sister in Law    Married    25     Housemaid              Philadelphia, USA
George Reginald        Nephew                      1                             Sheffield, YKS

RG13/3036/51/11 - Garnsgate, Sutton St Nicholas (Lutton)

Joseph JARMEY          Head             Married    41     Blacksmith on Farm     Walsoken, NFK
Elizabeth JARMEY       Wife             Married    45                            Sutton St Edmond, LIN
Mary SIMPSON           Mother in law    Widow      87                            Kirton, LIN
William WATTS          Boarder                     16     Horseman on Farm       India,