1901 Census Extracts - London

Name                Rel to Head      Condition    Age    Occupation             Where born

RG13/00441/160/26 - 13 Carpenter Street, Battersea

Thomas JERMY           Head             Married    53     Marble Polisher        Pimlico, LND
Sarah JERMY            Wife             Married    56                            Bristol, GLS
Charles JERMY          Son                         21     House Painter          Pimlico, LND
William JERMY          Son                         18     Carpenter Labourer     Battersea, LND

RG13/00388/142/10 - 178 Long Lane, Bermondsey

William JERMY          Head             Married    58     Carpenter              , NFK
Susanna JERMY          Wife             Married    50                            , NFK
Francis G JERMY        Son                         24     Warehouseman Leather   Bermondsey, LND
John JERMY             Son                         23     Machine Minder Tobacco Bermondsey, LND
Jessie M JERMY         Daughter                    21     Dressmaker             Bermondsey, LND
Ethel JERMY            Daughter                    19     Dressmaker             Bermondsey, LND
Edward JERMY           Son                         13                            Bermondsey, LND
Sidney J JERMY         Son                         10                            Bermondsey, LND
Alfred V JERMY         Son                         6                             Bermondsey, LND

RG13/00392/142/4 - 32 St James Road, Bermondsey

J W JERMEY             Head             Married    35     Market Porter          Deptford, KEN
Caroline JERMEY        Wife             Married    33                            Deptford, KEN
Rose F JERMEY          Daughter                    11                            Deptford, KEN

RG13/00288/72/38 - 252 Corfield Street, Bethnal Green

Matilda JERMY          Head             Widow      56     Brush Drawer           Bethnal Green, LND
Thomas JERMY           Son              Single     35     Sick Traveller         Bethnal Green, LND
William JERMY          Nephew                      18     Carman                 Bethnal Green, LND

RG13/00296/92/48 - 57 Kenilworth Road, Bethnal Green

William JERMY          Head             Married    41     General Shopkeeper     Bethnal Green, LND
Adelina JERMY          Wife             Married    32                            Spitalfields, LND

RG13/00492/28/44 - "Maison", College Road, Camberwell

Charles CHAMPION       Head             Married    84     Retired Solicitor      Leaford, SSX
Florence CHAMPION      Daughter         Single     53                            Camberwell, LND
May P CHAMPION         Daughter         Single     48                            Brixton, LND
Elsie JERMY            Servant          Single     21     Parlourmaid            Mattishall, NFK

RG13/00071/68/46 - 98 Beaufort Street, Chelsea

Louise VALETTO         Head             Widow      39     Boarding House Keeper  France, FRA
Madge JERMY            Servant          Single     22     Domestic General       Not Known, LND

RG13/00078/144/19 - 1 Munro Terrace, Chelsea

James JERMY            Head             Married    52     Painters Labourer      Norwich, NFK
Ann JERMY              Wife             Married    48                            Chiswick, MDX
Alice B JERMY          Daughter                    19                            , LND
Fannie JERMY           Daughter                    18                            , LND
Amelia JERMY           Daughter                    11                            , LND

RG13/00079/166/80 - 17 Tetcott Road, Chelsea

Charles JARMY          Head             Married    39     Porter Post Office     , IRE
Esther JARMY           Wife             Married    30                            Portland, DOR
Alice JARMY            Daughter                    5                             Portsmouth, HAM
Nora JARMY             Daughter                    3                             Portsmouth, HAM
Charles JARMY          Son                         1                             Chelsea, LND

RG13/00527/43/15 - 10 High Street, Deptford

Henry JARMEY           Servant                     18     Grocers Porter         New Cross, SRY

RG13/00527/65/5 - 72 High Street, Deptford

Charles A WRIGHT       Head             Married    34     Hosier Maker           Deptford, KEN
Mary WRIGHT            Wife             Married    25                            Chertsey, SRY
Leonard WRIGHT         Son                         6 m                           Deptford, KEN
Martha JERMEY          Servant          Single     17     Housemaid              Deptford, KEN

RG13/00528/6/4 - 126 Edward Street North, Deptford

Robert JERMY           Head             Married    54     Railway Signalman      Tilney, NFK
Harriett E JERMY       Wife             Married    52                            Leveringtown, CAM
Arthur R JERMY         Son                         18     Railway Clerk          Islington, LND
Henry A JERMY          Son                         16     General Merchants      Islington, LND

RG13/00182/157/8 - 5 Randells Road, Islington

George JERMY           Head             Married    39     Railway Labourer       Hemblington Hill, NFK
Lizzie JERMY           Wife             Married    43                            Oxford, OXF
Alfred JERMY           Nephew                      6                             Bromley, KEN

RG13/00187/44/29 - 92 Church Road, Islington

Ann JERMY              Head             Widow      68     Living On Own Means    Horsford, NFK
Naomi JERMY            Daughter         Single     38     Fur Sewer              Islington, LND

RG13/00190/173/11 - 3 Cannon Street, Islington

John JERMY             Head             Married    45     Carpenter & Joiner     Bungay, SFK
Susannah JERMY         Wife             Married    37                            Gt Chesterford, ESS
Agnes J JERMY          Daughter                    14     Dressmaker Apprentice  Islington, LND
Nellie M JERMY         Daughter                    12                            Islington, LND
Ethel A DAWSON         Adopted Child               4                             St Lukes, LND

RG13/00203/123/31 - 72 Poets Road, Islington

Edmond JERMY           Head             Married    34     Furrier                London, LND
Emma JERMY             Wife             Married    36                            Coventry, WAR
May JERMY              Daughter                    15                            London, LND
Lillie JERMY           Daughter                    13                            London, LND

RG13/00019/178/22 - 15 Iverna Gardens, Kensington

Fanny SPENA            Head             Widow      46     Living on own means    Not Known, LND
Madeline THOMAS        Niece            Single     25     Living on own means    Malta,
Maida JERMY            Servant          Single     25     Parlourmaid            Not Known, NFK

RG13/00031/94/25 - 2 Blithfield Street, Kensington

Samuel JERMY           Head             Married    51     Carpet Cleaner         Norwich, NFK
Miriam JERMY           Wife             Married    32                            Westminster, LND

RG13/00038/31/53 - 171 Cromwell Road, Kensington

Spencer T CURTIS       Head             Widow      67     Independant            Acton, MDX
Margaret CURTIS        Daughter         Single     29                            Kensington, LND
Caroline JERMEY        Servant          Single     19     House Maid             Hingham, NFK

RG13/0034/21/33 - 30 Brompton Square, Kensington

Alfred William GOUGH   Head             Married    38     Clergyman (C of E)     Hartshill, STS
Adeline Anna GOUGH     Wife             Married    40                            Shipdham, NFK
Fitzherbert Charles G  Son                         1                             Brompton, LND
Emma Alice             Servant          Single     26     Cook                   Hempnall, NFK
Harriet CHAULDES       Servant          Single     33     Parlourmaid            Heston, MDX
Lucy Elizabeth JERMY   Servant          Single     20     Housemaid              Cranworth, NFK

RG13/00401/153/19 - 77 New Court, off Cornwall Road, Lambeth

Agneil SMITH           Head             Single     21     Draper                 St Coter?, HUN
Walter JERMY           Servant          Single     21     Drapers Porter         Markham, NFK

RG13/00402/37/16 - 5 College House, Webber Street, Lambeth

Frederick William      Head             Married    27     Tobacco Cutting        Bermondsey, LND
JERMY                                                     Machine Fitter
Louise M JERMY         Wife             Married    24                            Bermondsey, LND

RG13/00418/61/52 - 35a Goldsborough Road, Lambeth

Frederick JERMY        Head             Married    30     Gas Stoker             Wroxham, NFK
Mary JERMY             Wife             Married    29                            Yelverton, NFK
Sidney JERMY           Son                         6                             Lambeth, LND
Rose JERMY             Daughter                    4                             Lambeth, LND
Frederick JERMY        Son                         1                             Lambeth, LND

RG13/00322/62/10 - 69 Gill Street, Limehouse

Edward JERMY           Head             Widower    59     Carman                 Hackney, LND

RG13/00337/82/19 - 114 Coutts Road, Mile End Old Town

Richard JERMY          Head             Married    50     Coachman               Wroxham, NFK
Eliza JERMY            Wife             Married    54                            Brentford, MDX
William JERMY          Son                         23     Commercial Traveller   Holloway, LND
Edith JERMY            Daughter                    18     Gentlemans Bow Hand    Holloway, LND
Frank JERMY            Son                         14     Errand Boy             Holloway, LND

RG13/00002/130/53 - 99 Cirencester Street, Paddington

Lucy JERMEY            Head             Widow      39                            Fordham, CAM
John JERMEY            Son              Single     21     Clerk                  Paddington, LND
William JERMEY         Son              Single     19     Porter                 Paddington, LND
Walter JERMEY          Son                         16                            Paddington, LND
Harry JERMEY           Son                         8                             Paddington, LND
Thomas JERMEY          Son                         6                             Paddington, LND

RG13/00003/47/46 - 90 Clarendon Street, Paddington

Thomas JERMEY          Head             Married    35     Railway Carrier Porter Wallingford, BRK
Annie JERMEY           Wife             Married    34                            Blewbery, BRK
Amy L JERMEY           Daughter                    12                            Paddington, LND
Eva M JERMEY           Daughter                    10                            Paddington, LND
May E JERMEY           Daughter                    4                             Paddington, LND
Cecil T JERMEY         Son                         11 m                          Paddington, LND

RG13/00006/74/18 - 169 Bravington Road, Paddington

Rebecca JERMY          Head             Widow      41     Charwoman              Rushmere, SFK
Harriett M JERMY       Daughter                    18     General Servant        Thames Ditton, SRY
Florence K JERMY       Daughter                    15     General Servant        Thames Ditton, SRY
Elsie R JERMY          Daughter                    11                            Thames Ditton, SRY
John F JERMY           Son                         3                             Paddington, LND

RG13/00006/42/76 - 335 Shirland Road, Paddington

Joseph JERMEY          Head             Married    32     Bricklayer             , LIN
Jane JERMEY            Wife             Married    32                            Shillington, BDF
Edward JERMEY          Son                         8                             Stoke Newington, LND
Nellie JERMEY          Daughter                    5                             Paddington, LND

RG13/00012/42/20 - 57 Porchester Place, Paddington

George Hilditch        Head             Married    58     Solicitor              Bloomsbury, LND
Florence Beckensforth  Wife             Married    41                            Copperhall, CHS
Edmund George WALKER   Son                         1                             Kensington, LND
Charlotte JERMY        Servant          Single     22     Nursemaid              Heckingham, NFK

RG13/00352/38/26 - 26 Vesey Street, Poplar

Robert JERMY           Head             Married    36     General Labourer       Norwich, NFK
                                                          Biscuit Factory
Eliza JERMY            Wife             Married    36                            Shoreditch, LND
Amy JERMY              Daughter                    13                            Woolwich, KEN
Henry JERMY            Son                         11                            Woolwich, KEN
Robert JERMY           Son                         8                             Woolwich, KEN
George JERMY           Son                         5                             Poplar, LND
Hilda JERMY            Daughter                    3                             Poplar, LND
Stephen JERMY          Son                         2                             Poplar, LND
Bertha JERMY           Daughter                    1                             Poplar, LND

RG13/00317/49/45 - 28 Mercer Street, Shadwell

Thomas JERMEY          Head             Married    27     Waterside Labourer     Whitechapel, LND
Maria JERMEY           Wife             Married    27                            Wapping, LND
Dennis JERMEY          Son                         2                             Shadwell, LND

RG13/00298/37/17 - 156 Solesworth Buildings, Thrawl Street, Spitalfields

Edward JERMEY          Head             Married    43     Dock Labourer          St Georges, MDX
Elizabeth JERMEY       Wife             Married    39                            St Lukes, MDX
Michael JERMEY         Son                         16     Woolen Wash houseman   Mile End, MDX
Jane JERMEY            Daughter                    13                            Whitechapel, MDX
Thomas JERMEY          Son                         10     Van Guard After School Whitechapel, MDX
Mary JERMEY            Daughter                    8                             Spitalfields, MDX
William JERMEY         Son                         5                             Spitalfields, MDX
John JERMEY            Son                         2                             Spitalfields, MDX

RG13/00310/31/55 - 63 Cornwall Street, St George In The East

Ellen JERMY            Head             Married    56     Sack Maker             Whitechapel, LND
John JERMY             Son                         26     General Labourer       Whitechapel, LND
William JERMY          Son                         22     Rope Maker             Whitechapel, LND
Ellen JERMY            Daughter                    16     Sack Maker             St Georges, LND

RG13/00315/48/14 - St George in the East Workhouse, Raine Street, Stepney, St George In The East

William JERMY          Inmate           Single     70     Labourer               St Georges E, MDX

RG13/00238/69/2 - 255 High Holborn, St Giles In The Fields & St George Bloomsbury

Alfred JERMY           Head             Married    30     Licensed Victualler    Sidestrand, NFK
Alice JERMY            Wife             Married    32                            Clerkenwell, LND
William JERMY          Son                         3                             Hammersmith, LND
William YOUNG          Brother in law   Single     22     Barman                 Peckham, LND
Hilda PRICE            Servant          Single     16     General Servant        Manchester, LAN

RG13/00102/44/19 - 34 Wimpole Street, St Marylebone

George P FIELD         Head             Married    56     Surgeon                Paddington, LND
Pauline A FIELD        Wife             Married    53                            Paddington, LND
Pauline M FIELD        Daughter         Single     24                            Marylebone, LND
Charles JERMY          Servant          Single     18     Footman                Maidenhead, BRK

RG13/00207/126/36 - 2 Castle Street, Stoke Newington

Arthur JERMY           Head             Married    33     Book Seller & Dealer   Bethnal Green, LND
Louisa M JERMY         Wife             Married    25                            Exeter, DEV
Ivy M JERMY            Daughter                    1                             Stoke Newington, LND

RG13/00472/134/19 - 2 Brandreth Road, Streatham

Mary JERMY             Head             Single     50     Living On Own Means    Norwich, NFK
Annie FRANCES          Boarder          Single     63                            France, FRA

RG13/00487/110/24 - 18 Huntspill Street, Wandsworth

Thomas John JERMY      Head             Married    30     House Painter          Not Known, MDX
Hannora JERMY          Wife             Married    28                            Not Known, MDX
Thomas J H JERMY       Son                         4                             Battersea, SRY

RG13/00093/52/67 - 2 Dorset Place, Westminster

Hannah POKE            Head             Widow      45     Laundress              Not Known, DOR
James JARMY            Boarder          Single     42     Blind Makers Asst      Ireland, IRE