1901 Census Extracts - Middlesex

Name                Rel to Head      Condition    Age    Occupation             Where born

RG13/01193/89/28 - 11 Macross Road, Ealing

Mary Ann MIDDLETON     Head             Widow      73     Laudress               Ealing, MDX
Mary Ann MIDDLETON     Daughter         Single     44     Laudress               Ealing, MDX
Annie MIDDLETON        Daughter         Single     34     Laudress               Ealing, MDX
Harry M JERMEY         Son              Married    32     Gardener Domestic      Ealing, MDX
Emma JERMEY            Daughter in Law  Married    36                            Ealing, MDX
Elisie Lillian JERMEY  Grand Daughter              7                             Reading, BRK
Harry Hicks JERMEY     Grandson                    3                             Ealing, MDX
Frederick JERMEY       Grandson                    2                             Ealing, MDX

RG13/01270/23/37 - 30 Raleigh Road, Enfield

Henry G ELLIOT         Head             Married    31     Wool wharehouseman     Dalston, LND
Lydia E ELLIOT         Wife             Married    30                            St Lukes, LND
Francis A ELLIOT       Son                         7                             Dalston, LND
Frederick W ELLIOT     Son                         1                             Bow, LND
Lydia JERMY            Mother in Law    Widow      64     Living on own means    Shoreditch, LND

RG13/01273/38/5 - 109 Nags Head Road, Enfield

James Adams JERMANY    Head             Married    32     Foreman In Gas Works   Ponders End, MDX
Mary Ann JERMANY       Wife             Married    30                            Dumbarton, DNB
John James JERMANY     Son                         4                             Ponders End, MDX
Theresa Mary JERMANY   Daughter                    2                             Ponders End, MDX
John G KEOWN           Father in Law    Married    56     Night Watchman         Armagh, IRE
Mary KEOWN             Mother in Law    Married    58                            Armagh, IRE

RG13/01273/59/4 - 2 Duck Lees Lane, Enfield

Edward H PICKERING     Head             Married    34     Machine Seller         Newcastle, NBL
Abigail PICKERING      Wife             Married    30                            Ponders End, MDX
Edward PICKERING       Son                         10     Scholar                Ponders End, MDX
Ethel PICKERING        Daughter                    7                             Ponders End, MDX
James JERMANY          Father in Law    Widower    55     Carman to Dyers        Not Known, NFK

RG13/01236/99/5 - The Bank, Friern Barnet Lane, Friern Barnet

George WATERSON        Head             Married    46     Bank Manager           North Walsham, NFK
E C M WATERSON         Wife             Married    48                            North Walsham, NFK
Emily VALLEY           Servant          Single     36     Housemaid              Ludham, NFK
Hannah JERMY           Servant                     14     Domestic Servant       Not Known, NFK

RG13/01180/10/12 - Angel Lane, Hayes

James H JERMY          Head             Married    38     Labourer General       Hayes, MDX
Ellen JERMY            Wife             Married    34                            Homerton, LND
James JERMY            Son                         7                             Hayes, MDX
Albert JERMY           Son                         4                             Hayes, MDX
George JERMY           Son                         1                             Hayes, MDX

RG13/01180/5/2 - Angel Square, Hayes

William JERMY          Head             Married    25     Carman Furniture       Hayes, MDX
Annie Maria JERMY      Wife             Married    24     Ironer Laundry         Uxbridge, MDX
Ernest William JERMY   Son                         4                             Clapham, SRY
George James JERMY     Son                         1 m                           Hayes, MDX

RG13/01180/12/16 - Wood End Green, Hayes

George JERMY           Head             Married    67     Labourer On Farm       Harrow, MDX
Mary JERMY             Wife             Married    60     Laundry                Hayes, MDX
George JERMY           Son                         29     Labourer On Farm       Hayes, MDX
Amy JERMY              Grand Daughter              12                            Hayes, MDX

RG13/01239/75/26 - 25 Albert Road, Hornsey

Charles D DENT         Head             Married    73     Retired Manager        Marylebone, MDX
May DENT               Wife             Married    70                            Ware, HRT
Alice M DENT           Daughter         Single     37     Clerk in Post Office   Islington, MDX
Violet JERMY           Servant          Single     21     General Domestic       Wroxham, NFK

RG13/01182/35/13 - 43 Dudley Road, Norwood

John JARMEY            Head             Married    48     Foreman Labourer at    Reading, BRK
                                                          Gas Works
Annie JARMEY           Wife             Married    47                            Bridgwater, SOM
Edgar O JARMEY         Son              Single     22     Labourer To Blacksmith Southall, MDX
Annie Amy JARMEY       Daughter                    16                            Southall, MDX
Bernard JARMEY         Son                         14                            Southall, MDX
Nellie K JARMEY        Daughter                    12                            Southall, MDX
Mabel L JARMEY         Daughter                    10                            Southall, MDX
Winifred B JARMEY      Daughter                    8                             Southall, MDX
Hilda JARMEY           Daughter                    6                             Southall, MDX
Marion M JARMEY        Daughter                    2                             Southall, MDX
Francis JARMEY         Visitor          Single     41     Domestic Cook          Cork, COR

RG13/01254/7/6 - 27 Grove Road, Tottenham

Annie Maria TURNER     Head             Married    56     Independant            Kingston, SRY
Annie TURNER           Daughter         Single     19     Music Teacher          Tottenham, MDX
Geo William JERMEY     Boarder          Single     22     Ticket Examiner        Upwell, CAM

RG13/01257/39/24 - 111 Moselle Avenue, Tottenham

Samuel JERMY           Head             Married    30     Railway Shunter        Ranworth, NFK
Sarah JERMY            Wife             Married    32                            Ranworth, NFK
Elsie JERMY            Daughter                    7                             Finsbury Park, LND
Cecilia JERMY          Daughter                    6                             Finsbury Park, LND
Adelaide JERMY         Daughter                    2                             Wood Green, LND

RG13/01224/113/54 - 7 Mapesbury Road, Willesden

James MITCHELL         Head             Married    49     Living on own Means    Canada, CAN
Alice MITCHELL         Wife             Married    42                            Marylebone, LND
Margaret MITCHELL      Daughter                    12                            Willesden, MDX
Maria JERMY            Servant          Single     22     Housemaid              Cranworth, NFK
Lucy JERMY             Servant          Single     15     Kitchenmaid            Paddington, LND