1901 Census Extracts - Norfolk

Name                Rel to Head      Condition    Age    Occupation             Where born

RG13/01830/11/13 - Hungate Street, Aylsham

Walter JERMY           Boarder          Single     29     Journeyman Baker       Salhouse, NFK

RG13/01854/79/4 - Bond's Farm, Blofield

Sarah JERMY            Head             Widow      78                            Blofield, NFK
Harry JERMY            Son              Single     39     Labourer On Farm       Blofield, NFK
Elijah JERMY           Son              Single     36     Agricultural Labourer  Blofield, NFK

RG13/01854/78/1 - Globe Inn, Blofield

Harry JERMY            Servant          Single     19     Ostler Domestic        Blofield, NFK

RG13/01854/92/29 - Mill Road, Blofield

James JERMANY          Head             Married    47     Bricklayer Journeyman  South Walsham, NFK
Hannah JERMANY         Wife             Married    47                            Sparham, NFK

RG13/01854/92/30 - Near Town Pit, Blofield

Mary Ann JERMY         Head             Widow      42     In Receipt Of Parish   Blofield, NFK
Mabel JERMY            Daughter         Single     18     General Servant        Blofield, NFK
Randall JERMY          Son                         14     Carpenter Apprentice   Blofield, NFK
Daisy JERMY            Daughter                    12                            Blofield, NFK
Bertha JERMY           Daughter                    10                            Blofield, NFK
Gladys JERMY           Daughter                    7                             Blofield, NFK
Olive JERMY            Daughter                    5                             Blofield, NFK
Stanley JERMY          Son                         3                             Blofield, NFK

RG13/01830/110/18 - Near Park Bridge, Buxton

Harry JERMY            Head             Married    28     Game Keeper            Hemblington, NFK
Emily JERMY            Wife             Married    28                            Hainford, NFK
Beatrice JERMY         Daughter                    4                             Buxton, NFK
George JERMY           Son                         2                             Buxton, NFK

RG13/1830/107/11 - St Johns End, Buxton

Benjamin JERMY         Head             Married    54     Maltster               Ranworth, NFK
Mary W JERMY           Wife             Married    76                            Catton, NFK
Frances A HUMPHREY     Lodger           Widow      66     Author                 American subject, USA
Lucy A POPE            Lodger           Single     67     Living on own means    American subject, USA

RG13/01816/35/20 - Nova Scotia, Caister Next Yarmouth

Charles JERMY          Head             Married    44     Yardman On Farm        Ranworth, NFK
Edith TUDDENHAM        Daughter         Married    21                            Woodbastwick, NFK
Horace TUDDENHAM       Son in law       Married    25     Labourer on Farm       Reepham, NFK

RG13/01887/51/7 - , Castle Rising

Fanny JERMEY           Servant          Single     20     Housemaid Domestic     Tilney, NFK

RG13/01869/17/8 - Liddel's Farm, Cranworth

John JERMY             Head             Married    31     Farmer Son             Cranworth, NFK
Hannah JERMY           Wife             Married    32                            Woodrising, NFK
Annie M JERMY          Daughter                    3                             Southburgh, NFK
Henry E JERMY          Son                         2                             Cranworth, NFK
Arthur E JERMY         Son                         10 m                          Cranworth, NFK
George TANN            Boarder          Single     36     Farm Bailiff           Shipdham, NFK

RG13/01826/69/27 - Meadow Villas, Cromer

Sarah A JERMY          Servant          Single     21     General Servant        Ranworth, NFK

RG13/01859/46/6 - The Dam, Ditchingham

Robert JERMY           Head             Married    45     Carpenter & Joiner     Bungay, SFK
Lydia JERMY            Wife             Married    40                            Ashill, NFK

RG13/01846/87/18 - 28 Glebe Road, Eaton St Andrew

Walter JERMY           Head             Married    42     Solicitors Clerk       Norwich, NFK
Selina JERMY           Wife             Married    42                            Norwich, NFK

RG13/01856/36/10 - Mill Road, Ellingham

John JERMY             Head             Married    59     Gardener               Wroxham, NFK
Mary Ann JERMY         Wife             Married    53                            Salhouse, NFK
Arthur JERMY           Son              Single     19     Labourer On Farm       Wroxham, NFK
Flora JERMY            Daughter                    17                            Raveningham, NFK
Herbert JERMY          Son                         11                            Raveningham, NFK

RG13/01814/58/26 - 29 Nelson Road, Gorleston

George JERMY           Boarder          Single     19     Carpenter & Joiner     South Walsham, NFK

RG13/01809/21/3 - 131 Middlegate Street, Great Yarmouth

Lily JERMY             Servant                     15     General Servant        Cove, SFK

RG13/01811/6/3 - 18 Salisbury Road, Great Yarmouth

George JERMY           Head             Married    53     Labourer for           Thurlton, NFK
Maria JERMY            Wife             Married    54                            Raveningham, NFK
Emma JERMY             Daughter         Single     17                            Cove, SFK
James JERMY            Son                         14     Baker Man              Cove, SFK
Eliza JERMY            Daughter                    13                            Cove, SFK

RG13/01812/76/23 - 18 Row 44, Great Yarmouth

Alfred JERMANY         Head             Married    31     Wireman                Yarmouth, NFK
Mary J JERMANY         Wife             Married    33                            Yarmouth, NFK
Alfred JERMANY         Son                         9                             Yarmouth, NFK
Edward JERMANY         Son                         6                             Yarmouth, NFK
Matilda JERMANY        Daughter                    5                             Yarmouth, NFK
Robert JERMANY         Son                         4                             Yarmouth, NFK
Daniel JERMANY         Son                         2                             Yarmouth, NFK
Albert JERMANY         Son                         2 m                           Yarmouth, NFK
Matilda JERMANY        Mother           Widow      60                            Belton, SFK
Daniel JERMANY         Brother          Widower    40     Fisherman              Lowestoft, SFK

RG13/01812/42/1 - 51 Harwood Street North, Great Yarmouth

Amelia JERMY           Servant          Single     20     General Serv Domestic  Cove, SFK

RG13/01813/103/18 - Workhouse, Northgate Street, Great Yarmouth

Robert JERMY           Inmate           Widower    73     General Labourer       Burgh Castle, SFK

RG13/01870/19/2 - Denmark Green, Hardingham

Benjamin JERMANY       Head             Married    44     Foreman Plate layer on Wicklewood, NFK
Harriet JERMANY        Wife             Married    41                            Hoveton St John, NFK
Richard S JERMANY      Son                         11                            Wicklewood, NFK
Arthur J JERMANY       Son                         9                             Wicklewood, NFK
Sarah M JERMANY        Daughter                    6                             Hardingham, NFK
Ernest R JERMANY       Son                         5                             Hardingham, NFK
Charles F JERMANY      Son                         3                             Hardingham, NFK
Herbert V JERMANY      Son                         13 d                          Hardingham, NFK
James A JERMANY        Lodger                      15     Agricultural Labourer  Wicklewood, NFK

RG13/01858/6/4 - , Heckingham

Charles JERMY          Head             Married    55     Labourer On Farm       Thurlton, NFK
Eliza JERMY            Wife             Married    53                            Belton, SFK
Charles JERMY          Son                         10     Scholar                Thurlton, NFK

RG13/01858/5/2 - Heckingham Holes, Heckingham

Albert JERMY           Head             Married    32     Stockman On Farm       Heckingham, NFK
Annie JERMY            Wife             Married    26                            Thurlton, NFK
Alice JERMY            Daughter                    6                             Loddon, NFK
Thomas JERMY           Son                         3                             Loddon, NFK
Charlotte JERMY        Daughter                    2                             Heckingham, NFK

RG13/01876/116/8 - , Helhoughton

Ann JARMANY            Head             Widow      83                            Rudham, NFK
James JARMANY          Son              Single     48     Agricultural Labourer  Helhoughton, NFK
Esther JARMANY         Daughter         Single     42                            Helhoughton, NFK
Edith JARMANY          Niece                       11                            Helhoughton, NFK

RG13/01854/120/15 - Brown's Lane, Hemblington All Saints

James H JERMY          Head             Married    41     Plumber Glazier &      South Walsham, NFK
Harriet M JERMY        Wife             Married    39                            Hemblington, NFK
Allan Cutton JERMY     Son                         15     Plumber Glazier &      Hemblington, NFK
Hendry C JERMY         Son                         10                            Hemblington, NFK

RG13/01854/118/11 - Walsham Road, Hemblington All Saints

Samuel JERMY           Head             Married    41     Blacksmith             Hemblington, NFK
Emma JERMY             Wife             Married    38                            South Walsham, NFK
Ethel JERMY            Daughter                    17                            South Walsham, NFK
Samuel JERMY           Son                         15     Bricklayers Labourer   Hemblington, NFK
Laurence JERMY         Son                         12                            Hemblington, NFK
Ernest JERMY           Son                         2                             Hemblington, NFK

RG13/1818/39/14 - Street, Hemsby

Sarah JERMY            Head             Widow      75     Midwife                Hemsby, NFK
Arthur TURNER          Grandson         Single     22     Farmers Labourer       Hemsby, NFK

RG13/01850/33/1 - Hardingham Road, Hingham

Walter Ernest VASSAR   Head             Married    32     Farm Steward           , NFK
Mabel Maria VASSAR     Wife             Married    22                            , NFK
Emily JERMY            Mother in law    Widow      51                            Southampton, HAM

RG13/01850/34/4 - Piggs Hill, Hingham

Edward JERMEY          Head             Married    56     Roadman                Panxworth, NFK
Harriett JERMEY        Wife             Married    62                            Hingham, NFK
May JERMEY             Grand Dau                   3                             Flegg Burgh, NFK

RG13/01900/8/8 - William Street, Hockwold Cum Wilton

Annie E JERMY          Head             Married    41     Domestic               Wilton, NFK
Florence E JERMY       Daughter                    10     Scholar                Wilton, NFK
Bertie G JERMY         Son                         4      Scholar                Wilton, NFK

RG13/01827/34/28 - Bull Street on Tower Street, Holt

Edward JERMANY         Boarder          Single     26     Grocer Assistant       Yarmouth, NFK

RG13/01819/75/2 - The Hall, Horning

John JERMY             Head             Married    47     Cattleman On Farm      Potter Heigham, NFK
Alice JERMY            Wife             Married    37                            Hickling, NFK
Apiather JERMY         Son                         16     Agricultural Labourer  Somerton, NFK
Eliza JERMY            Daughter                    11                            Somerton, NFK
no name JERMY          Daughter                    9                             Waxham, NFK
Esther JERMY           Daughter                    7                             Somerton, NFK
Francis JERMY          Son                         4                             Horning, NFK

RG13/01832/113/9 - Mill Street, Horsham St Faiths & Newton St Faiths

Charles JERMY          Head             Married    58     Market Gardener & Inn  , NFK
Sarah A JERMY          Wife             Married    66                            , NFK
John JERMY             Boarder          Single     48     Agricultural Labourer  , NFK

RG13/01820/51/21 - The Meadow, Hoveton St Peter

Frederick JERMY        Head             Married    59     Shepherd               Wroxham, NFK
Elizabeth JERMY        Wife             Married    54                            Scottow, NFK
Charles R JERMY        Son              Single     24     Brick Maker            Wroxham, NFK
Ernest J JERMY         Son              Single     18     Houseman On Farm       Wroxham, NFK
Herbert L JERMY        Son                         16     Agricultural Labourer  Wroxham, NFK
Arthur M JERMY         Son                         14     Agricultural Labourer  Wroxham, NFK
Albert J JERMY         Son                         12                            Wroxham, NFK
Alice M JERMY          Daughter                    11                            Wroxham, NFK

RG13/01847/142/15 - 11 Milton Street, Lakenham St Mark

Walter JARMY           Head             Married    35     Bricklayer Maker       Norwich, NFK
Susanna JARMY          Wife             Married    29                            Banningham, NFK
George R JARMY         Adopted Son                 2                             Norwich, NFK

RG13/01847/79/22 - 70 Southwell Road, Lakenham St Mark

Mary Ann JERMY         Servant          Single     32     Domestic Servant       St Faiths, NFK

RG13/01847/79/21 - 82 Southwell Road, Lakenham St Mark

George JERMY           Head             Married    30     Picture Frame Joiner   Norwich, NFK
Eliza JERMY            Wife             Married    32                            Norwich, NFK

RG13/01847/69/2 - 86 Hall Road, Lakenham St Mark

Emily A JERMY          Head             Single     28     Factory Hand           Lakenham, NFK
Harriet M JERMY        Sister           Single     29     Factory Hand           Lakenham, NFK
Laura E TROWSE         Visitor          Single     17                            Lakenham, NFK

RG13/01869/18/9 - Jermy's Farm, Letton

William JERMY          Head             Married    55     Farmer                 Wessham, NFK
Elizabeth JERMY        Wife             Married    57                            Hardingham, NFK
Selina JERMY           Daughter                    25     Dressmaker             Cranworth, NFK
Arthur JERMY           Son                         18     Foreman Son            Cranworth, NFK
William JERMY          Grandson                    4                             Southburgh, NFK

RG13/01854/57/24 - Hare Road, Little Plumstead

Richard JERMANY        Head             Married    35     Agricultural Labourer  Woodbastwick, NFK
Caroline JERMANY       Wife             Married    30                            Salhouse, NFK
Gertrude JERMANY       Daughter                    11                            Salhouse, NFK

RG13/01852/19/9 - Hingham Road, Melton Parva

William BLAKE          Head             Married    69     Agricultural Labourer  Little Melton, NFK
Mary BLAKE             Wife             Married    63                            Hethersett, NFK
Ellen JERMY            Niece            Single     35     Dressmaker             Wroxham, NFK

RG13/01823/20/29 - Kings Arms Street, North Walsham

Arthur S JERMY         Head             Single     19     Groom Not Domestic     Dilham, NFK
Eda M JERMY            Sister           Single     21     Dressmaker             Dilham, NFK
Mary A JERMY           Mother           Widow      56                            Wroxham, NFK

RG13/01857/28/8 - , Norton Subcourse

Francis JERMY          Head             Married    67     Retired Shepherd       Wroxham, NFK
Hannah JERMY           Wife             Married    65                            Cawston, NFK

RG13/01844/89/13 - 38 Connaught Road, Norwich

Arthur JERMY           Head             Married    38     Tailor Best Hand       Norwich, NFK
Caroline JERMY         Wife             Married    26                            Norwich, NFK
Arthur JERMY           Son                         17     Tailor Best Hand       Norwich, NFK
Albert JERMY           Son                         12                            Norwich, NFK
Benjamin JERMY         Son                         9                             Norwich, NFK
Paul JERMY             Son                         6                             Norwich, NFK
Elsie JERMY            Daughter                    4                             Norwich, NFK
James JERMY            Son                         1                             Norwich, NFK

RG13/01846/139/23 - Fairfield Cottage, Liberty of Town Close, Lime Tree Road, Norwich

Thomas JERMY           Head             Married    57     Gardener Domestic      Wroxham, NFK
Harriett JERMY         Wife             Married    59                            Rackheath, NFK
Rose JERMY             Mother           Widow      86                            Ashmanhaugh, NFK

RG13/01838/133/7 - 11 St Martins Road, Norwich Christchurch

Olive JERMY            Servant          Single     16     General Servant        North Walsham, NFK

RG13/01839/35/11 - 63 Patteson Road, Norwich Christchurch

Ezra JERMY             Head             Married    31     Traveller Furnishing   Norwich, NFK
Agnes JERMY            Wife             Married    30                            Norwich, NFK
Hilda JERMY            Daughter                    4                             Norwich, NFK
Cecil JERMY            Son                         3                             Norwich, NFK
Stanley JERMY          Son                         1                             Norwich, NFK
Rose HARVEY            Visitor                     13     Scholar                Norwich, NFK

RG13/01845/61/25 - 13 Salford Road, Norwich Holy Trinity

Mary Ann JERMY         Head             Widow      46     Laundress              Saham Toney, NFK
Ernest Robert JERMY    Son              Single     18     Bricklayers Labourer   Norwich, NFK
Arthur George JERMY    Son                         16     Mustard Packer         Norwich, NFK
Alfred Sydney JERMY    Son                         13     Mustard Packer         Norwich, NFK
Matilda Rose JERMY     Daughter                    9                             Norwich, NFK

RG13/01845/71/45 - 5 Union Terrace, Norwich Holy Trinity

Matthew WATSON         Head             Married    40     Bricklayers Labourer   Norwich, NFK
Mary A WATSON          Wife             Married    32     Charwoman              Norwich, NFK
Gertrude E WATSON      Daughter                    10                            Norwich, NFK
Rosa M WATSON          Daughter                    8                             Norwich, NFK
Alice M WATSON         Daughter                    1                             Norwich, NFK
Jane E JERMY           Sister in law    Single     18     Factory Hand           Norwich, NFK

RG13/01845/45/37 - 66 Ampthill Road, Norwich Holy Trinity

Emma JERMY             Servant          Single     20     Housemaid Domestic     Salhouse, NFK

RG13/01845/80/11 - 89 Rupert Street, Norwich Holy Trinity

Robert JERMY           Head             Married    60     Coach Painter          Norwich, NFK
Maria JERMY            Wife             Married    49     Jobbing Cook           Norwich, NFK
Pamela JERMY           Daughter                    16     Dressmaker             Norwich, NFK

RG13/01842/20/32 - 7 Princess Street, Norwich St Andrews

Elizabeth JERMY        Boarder          Widow      79     Nurse                  Swanton Abbot, NFK

RG13/01842/148/4 - 31 Tinklers Lane, Norwich St Bartholomew

Edward JERMY           Head             Married    23     Fish Hawker            Norwich, NFK
Annie JERMY            Wife             Married    29                            Roughton, NFK
Edward C JERMY         Son                         4                             Norwich, NFK
Mildred A JERMY        Daughter                    1                             Norwich, NFK

RG13/01843/122/24 - 51 Nelson Street, Norwich St Bartholomew

Benjamin J JERMY       Head             Married    45     Inspector Post Office  Norwich, NFK
Maria JERMY            Wife             Married    44                            Norwich, NFK
Benjamin J JERMY       Son                         22     Clerk G P O            Norwich, NFK
Bertha M JERMY         Daughter                    16     Mothers Self Domestic  Norwich, NFK
Bessie T JERMY         Daughter                    7                             Norwich, NFK
Charles H WILLMOT      Nephew           Single     27     Postman                Norwich, NFK

RG13/01843/21/34 - 76 Russell Street, Norwich St Bartholomew

Frederick JERMY        Head             Married    39     Thong Maker Leather    Norwich, NFK
Leah JERMY             Wife             Married    29     Horse Hair Weaver      Norwich, NFK
Frederick JERMY        Son                         6                             Norwich, NFK
William JERMY          Son                         2                             Norwich, NFK
Mary A HASELTON        Mother in law    Widow      69     Dressmaker             Norwich, NFK

RG13/01834/30/11 - 7 Shave's Yard, Norwich St Clement

Sarah JERMY            Head             Widow      62     Charwoman              Carlton, NFK
Emma JERMY             Daughter         Single     29     Boot Machinist         Norwich, NFK
Agnes JERMY            Daughter         Single     26                            Norwich, NFK

RG13/1834/29/10 - 5 Shave's Yard, Norwich St Clement

William JERMYN         Head             Married    50     General Labourer       Norwich, NFK
Harriet M JERMYN       Wife             Married    54                            Norwich, NFK
Arthur JERMYN          Son              Single     18     Boot Finisher          Norwich, NFK
Charles JERMYN         Son                         16     Boot Finisher          Norwich, NFK
Alfred JERMYN          Son                         14                            Norwich, NFK

RG13/01837/79/42 - 55 Silver Street, Norwich St James with Pockthorpe

Joseph JERMY           Head             Widow      66     Engineers Labourer     Salhouse, NFK
Florence SHORT         Niece            Single     21     Housekeeper            Norwich, NFK
Frederick SHORT        Son of niece                2                             Norwich, NFK
Florence SHORT         Dau of niece                1                             Norwich, NFK

RG13/01837/19/29 - 9 Baker's Yard, Barrack Street, Norwich St James with Pockthorpe

Robert PAGE            Head             Married    26     Soldier on Furlough    Middlesborough, YKS
Lydia B PAGE           Wife             Married    26                            Smisby, LEI
Florence E PAGE        Daughter                    3                             Thetford, NFK
Arthur PAGE            Brother          Single     29     Bricklayers Labourer   Mundesley, NFK
Ellen JERMY            Visitor          Married    44     Washer woman           South Repps, NFK

RG13/01838/16/24 - 22 Bell Lane, Norwich St James with Pockthorpe

George JERMY           Head             Married    28     Shoe Finisher          Norwich, NFK
Alice JERMY            Wife             Married    23                            Norwich, NFK
George JERMY           Son                         2                             Norwich, NFK
Alice JERMY            Daughter                    7 m                           Norwich, NFK

RG13/01838/15/21 - 25 Bell Road, Norwich St James with Pockthorpe

Thomas JARMY           Head             Married    46     Labourer Brickyard     Sprowston, NFK
Sarah JARMY            Wife             Married    47     Tailoress              Norwich, NFK
Annie JARMY            Daughter         Single     20     Laundress              Sprowston, NFK
Sarah JARMY            Daughter         Single     17     Silk Winder            Sprowston, NFK
Emily JARMY            Daughter                    14                            Sprowston, NFK
Nellie M JARMY         Daughter                    12                            Sprowston, NFK
Thomas JARMY           Son                         10                            Sprowston, NFK
George JARMY           Son                         7                             Sprowston, NFK
May V JARMY            Daughter                    4                             Sprowston, NFK
Jessie M JARMY         Daughter                    1                             Norwich, NFK

RG13/01838/15/21 - 27 Bell Lane, Norwich St James with Pockthorpe

Elizabeth JERMY        Head             Widow      43     Charwoman              Norwich, NFK
Lilian JERMY           Daughter         Single     18     Boot Machinist         Norwich, NFK
Herbert JERMY          Son                         14     Errand Boy             Norwich, NFK
Ellen JERMY            Daughter                    12                            Norwich, NFK
May JERMY              Daughter                    10                            Norwich, NFK

RG13/01841/89/39 - 218 Queens Road, Norwich St John de Sepulchre

William JERMY          Head             Married    36     Milk Seller            Norwich, NFK
Francis Elizabeth      Wife             Married    36                            Wood Dalling, NFK
Gladys Frances JERMY   Daughter                    6                             Norwich, NFK

RG13/01846/153/11 - 62 Grove Road, Norwich St John the Baptist

George JERMY           Head             Married    47     Printers Warehouseman  Norwich, NFK
Rachel JERMY           Wife             Married    40                            Norwich, NFK
Willie JERMY           Son                         10                            Norwich, NFK
Rosetta JERMY          Daughter                    5                             Norwich, NFK

RG13/01847/44/11 - 16 Rowington Road, Norwich St John the Baptist

Thomas H JERMY         Head             Married    37     Tailors Clerk          Wroxham, NFK
Jane JERMY             Wife             Married    51                            Caston, NFK

RG13/01840/134/23 - 28 Sherbourne Place, Norwich St Julian

James JERMY            Head             Married    65     Cordwainer             Cringleford, NFK
Hannah JERMY           Wife             Married    56                            Kirstead, NFK

RG13/01842/65/11 - 75 Pottersgate Street, Norwich St Margaret

Harriet JERMY          Boarder          Single     32     Boot Fitter            Norwich, NFK

RG13/01847/24/39 - 10 Goldwell Road, Norwich St Mark

Sophia JERMY           Head             Widow      73     Own Means              Poringland, NFK
Herbert ALDERTON       Grandson         Single     16     Insurance Clerk        Norwich, NFK

RG13/01847/18/27 - 101 Goldwell Road, Norwich St Mark

George JERMY           Head             Married    42     Mustard Packer         Norwich, NFK
Elizabeth JERMY        Wife             Married    38     Tailoress              Norwich, NFK
George JERMY           Son                         9                             Norwich, NFK
Dinah CLARKE           Mother in law    Widow      59                            Norwich, NFK

RG13/01847/52/27 - 20 Trafalgar Street, Norwich St Mark

Morgan JERMY           Head             Widower    56                            Norwich, NFK
George JERMY           Son              Single     24     Labourer General       Norwich, NFK
Rebecca PLUMMER        Mother           Widow      80                            Norwich, NFK

RG13/01847/51/26 - 28 Trafalgar Street, Norwich St Mark

John J JERMY           Head             Married    27                            Norwich, NFK
Amelia M JERMY         Wife             Married    30                            Norwich, NFK
Bertie R J JERMY       Son                         2                             Norwich, NFK

RG13/1847/16/24 - 49 Goldwell Road, Norwich St Mark

William JERMYN         Head             Married    25     Printer Compositor &   Norwich, NFK
Minnie F JERMYN        Wife             Married    24                            Norwich, NFK

RG13/01834/98/13 - 3 Osbourne Yard, Norwich St Martin at Oak

Charles JERMY          Head             Married    46     Baker                  Paddington, LND
Sophia JERMY           Wife             Married    45     Brush Weaver           Norwich, NFK
George JERMY           Son                         17     Shoe Finisher          Norwich, NFK
Robert JERMY           Son                         12                            Norwich, NFK
Walter JERMY           Son                         11                            Norwich, NFK

RG13/01834/102/21 - 6 Goat Yard, Norwich St Martin at Oak

Theophilus JERMY       Head             Married    44     Brick Maker            Norwich, NFK
Sarah Ann JERMY        Wife             Married    43     Horse Hair Weaver      Norwich, NFK
Thomas JERMY           Son                         10                            Norwich, NFK
Harry JERMY            Son                         2                             Norwich, NFK

RG13/01834/104/25 - 6 Jenkins Lane, Norwich St Martin at Oak

William JERMY          Lodger                      14     Boot Trade             Norwich, NFK

RG13/01835/13/17 - 14 Buck's Yard, Norwich St Mary Coslany

Charles JARMY          Head             Married    23     Journeyman Baker       Norwich, NFK
Ellen JARMY            Wife             Married    21                            Norwich, NFK
Nellie JARMY           Daughter                    2                             Norwich, NFK
Charles JARMY          Son                         6 m                           Norwich, NFK

RG13/01835/18/27 - 8 Blakley's Yard, Norwich St Mary Coslany

Henry JARMY            Head             Married    35     Boot Finisher          Norwich, NFK
Mary JARMY             Wife             Married    34                            Norwich, NFK
Hilda JARMY            Daughter                    1                             Norwich, NFK

RG13/01835/133/23 - 16 Heath Road, Norwich St Paul

Charles J CABLE        Head             Married    33     Farrier                Norwich, NFK
Laura CABLE            Wife             Married    32     Boot Machinist         Norwich, NFK
May CABLE              Daughter                    8                             Norwich, NFK
Maud CABLE             Daughter                    3                             Norwich, NFK
Lilly JERMY            Visitor          Single     20     Boot Fitter            Sprowston, NFK

RG13/01835/105/11 - 2 Brewers Yard, Norwich St Paul

Ethel JARMY            Lodger           Single     21     Hair Weaver            Norwich, NFK

RG13/01835/108/17 - 36 Bull Close Road, Norwich St Paul

Walter JERMY           Head             Married    53     Boot & Shoe Checker    Norwich, NFK
Hannah JERMY           Wife             Married    55                            Norwich, NFK
Edmund JERMY           Son                         17     Gas Fitter             Norwich, NFK

RG13/01843/181/9 - 5 Barley's Buildings, Norwich St Phillip

Samuel J JERMY         Head             Married    31     Wood Sawyer            Norwich, NFK
Hannah C S JERMY       Wife             Married    34                            Norwich, NFK

RG13/01843/193/33 - 9 Lawrence Street, Norwich St Phillip

Hannah JERMY           Head             Single     53     Tailoress              Norwich, NFK
Harriet JERMY          Sister           Single     49     Tailoress              Norwich, NFK

RG13/01844/17/26 - 12 Ashford Street, Norwich St Phillip

William JARMY          Head             Married    48     Blacksmith             Norwich, NFK
Jane JARMY             Wife             Married    46                            Norwich, NFK

RG13/01844/68/12 - 74 Alexander Road, Norwich St Phillip

Sarah JERMY            Head             Widow      74     Living On Own Means    Norwich, NFK
Harold Johnathan       Boarder          Single     18     Fire Insurance Clerk   Norwich, NFK

RG13/01848/23/3 - 46 Queens Road, Norwich St Stephan

Sarah JERMY            Nurse            Single     44     Sick Nurse             Norwich, NFK

RG13/01844/124/28 - 103 Earlham Road, Norwich St Thomas

Clara J JERMY          Servant          Single     22     General Servant        Thurlton, NFK

RG13/01844/125/29 - 132 Earlham Road, Norwich St Thomas

Edith JERMY            Servant          Single     18     General Servant        Loddon, SFK

RG13/01839/117/5 - 48 Thorpe Road, Norwich Thorpe St Matthew

Lily M JERMY           Servant          Single     17     General Servant        Blofield, NFK

RG13/01839/87/1 - The Grove, 92 Thorpe Road, Norwich Thorpe St Matthew

Annie JERMANY          Servant          Single     21     House Maid Domestic    Salhouse, NFK

RG13/01840/9/10 - Ingleby, Telegraph Lane, Norwich Thorpe St Matthew

Elizabeth M JERMANY    Servant          Single     16     Housemaid Domestic     South Walsham, NFK

RG13/01825/104/10 - 9 Gunton Terrace, Overstrand

Reuben JERMY           Head             Married    70     Gardener Domestic      Swanton Abbot, NFK
Caroline JERMY         Wife             Married    65                            Whitwell, NFK

RG13/01833/33/7 - Lakenham Corner, Rackheath

William JERMANY        Head             Married    45     Labourer On Farm       South Walsham, NFK
Sarah Eliza JERMANY    Wife             Married    39                            Upton, NFK
Charles R JERMANY      Son                         15     Agricultural Labourer  South Walsham, NFK
Emma E JERMANY         Daughter                    14                            South Walsham, NFK
Herbert W JERMANY      Son                         12                            South Walsham, NFK
Albert J JERMANY       Son                         9                             South Walsham, NFK
Bertie E JERMANY       Son                         6                             Salhouse, NFK
Alice L JERMANY        Daughter                    3                             Salhouse, NFK
Gertrude JERMANY       Daughter                    9 m                           Rackheath, NFK

RG13/01854/130/13 - Chapel Hill, Ranworth With Panxworth

Smith JERMY            Head             Married    54     Agricultural Labourer  Ranworth, NFK
Mary Ann JERMY         Wife             Married    54                            Horning, NFK
Louisa JERMY           Daughter                    14                            Ranworth, NFK
Ruth JERMY             Daughter                    12                            Ranworth, NFK
Bessie JERMY           Grand Daughter              8                             Ranworth, NFK
Edward JERMY           Son                         17     Agricultural Labourer  Ranworth, NFK

RG13/01854/124/1 - Hall Cottage, Ranworth With Panxworth

James JERMANY          Head             Married    28     Yardman On Farm        Ranworth, NFK
Agnes JERMANY          Wife             Married    30                            Aslacton, NFK
Mabel JERMANY          Daughter                    5                             Panxworth, NFK
William JERMANY        Son                         2                             Panxworth, NFK

RG13/01854/127/8 - Low Road, Ranworth With Panxworth

Daniel JERMY           Head             Married    51     Roadman Labourer       Ranworth, NFK
Jane JERMY             Wife             Married    52                            Ranworth, NFK
Sarah JERMY            Daughter         Single     26                            Ranworth, NFK

RG13/01854/129/11 - Near School, Ranworth With Panxworth

Charles TIDMAN         Head             Married    48     Stoker on Traction     Ranworth, NFK
Jane TIDMAN            Wife             Married    44                            Panxworth, NFK
Gertrude JERMY         Niece            Single     18                            Ranworth, NFK

RG13/01854/127/7 - Ranworth Boxes, Ranworth With Panxworth

Benjamin JERMY         Head             Married    35     Labourer On Farm       Ranworth, NFK
Margaret JERMY         Wife             Married    37                            Woodbastwick, NFK
Walter JERMY           Son                         8                             Ranworth, NFK
Kathleen JERMY         Daughter                    5                             Ranworth, NFK

RG13/01854/125/4 - Salhouse Road, Ranworth With Panxworth

Richard JERMY          Head             Married    60     Agricultural Labourer  Ranworth, NFK
Elizabeth JERMY        Wife             Married    60                            Horning, NFK
Samuel JERMY           Son              Single     29     Marshman               Ranworth, NFK

RG13/01857/37/7 - Brundish Cottages, Raveningham

John JERMY             Head             Married    30     Cattleman On Farm      Wroxham, NFK
Gertrude JERMY         Wife             Married    33                            Thurlton, NFK
Ellen G JERMY          Daughter                    3                             Raveningham, NFK
Marion C JERMY         Daughter                    11 m                          Raveningham, NFK

RG13/01818/114/7 - 5 Hart Street, Repps With Bastwick

Robert JERMY           Head             Widower    52     Cattle Feeder On Farm  Potter Heigham, NFK
Alice M JERMY          Daughter         Single     21     Housekeeper            Potter Heigham, NFK
Herbert S JERMY        Grandson                    2                             Potter Heigham, NFK

RG13/01818/78/9 - Martham Road, Rollesby

James Henry GREEN      Head             Married    25     Labourer On Farm       Repps, NFK
Ethel GREEN            Wife             Married    24                            Potter Heigham, NFK
Robert JERMY           Brother in law   Single     18     Dayman of Farm         Potter Heigham, NFK

RG13/01894/43/5 - Ketts Oak Cottage, Ryston

John COOK              Head             Married    43     Head Garden Keeper     Ashill, NFK
Rose COOK              Wife             Married    43                            Barnham, SFK
Samuel JERMY           Nephew           Single     20                            Thetford, NFK

RG13/01833/100/13 - Lower Street, Salhouse

Daniel JERMY           Head             Married    62     Agricultural Labourer  Salhouse, NFK
Hannah JERMY           Wife             Married    57     Charwoman              Stalham, NFK
Robert JERMY           Son                         23     Agricultural Labourer  Salhouse, NFK
William JERMY          Son                         21     Agricultural Labourer  Salhouse, NFK
Charles JERMY          Son                         15     Game Keeper            Salhouse, NFK
Gertrude JERMY         Daughter                    14                            Salhouse, NFK
William JERMY          Grandson                    14     Thatchers Labourer     Salhouse, NFK

RG13/01833/98/9 - The Street, Salhouse

James JERMY            Head             Married    56     Houseman On Farm       Salhouse, NFK
Ann JERMY              Wife             Married    54                            Salhouse, NFK
James JERMY            Son              Single     31     Carter On Farm         Salhouse, NFK
Charles JERMY          Son              Single     24     Agricultural Labourer  Salhouse, NFK

RG13/01833/98/10 - The Street, Salhouse

Isaac JERMY            Head             Married    51     Agricultural Labourer  Salhouse, NFK
Emma JERMY             Wife             Married    39                            Acle, NFK
Harry JERMY            Son                         18     Gardener Domestic      Salhouse, NFK
Edwin JERMY            Son                         17     Gardener Domestic      Beighton St Mary, NFK
Charlotte JERMY        Daughter                    8                             Salhouse, NFK
Selina J JERMY         Daughter                    6                             Salhouse, NFK
Alice B JERMY          Daughter                    3                             Salhouse, NFK
Wilfrid S JERMY        Son                         6 m                           Salhouse, NFK

RG13/01833/101/15 - Upper Street, Salhouse

John JERMANY           Head             Married    47     Agricultural Labourer  Woodbastwick, NFK
Sarah JERMANY          Wife             Married    47                            Salhouse, NFK
William J JERMANY      Son                         14                            Salhouse, NFK
Arthur R JERMANY       Son                         6                             Salhouse, NFK

RG13/01876/180/17 - , Sculthorpe

John JARMANY           Head             Married    53     Game Keeper            Heckingham, NFK
Alice JARMANY          Wife             Married    55                            Harpley, NFK
Agnes JARMANY          Daughter                    26     Maid Domestic          Rudham, NFK
Annie JARMANY          Daughter                    25     Drapers Assistant      Rudham, NFK
Arthur JARMANY         Son                         21     Keepers Assistant      Fleet Wood, LAN
Theresa JARMANY        Daughter                    19     School Teacher         Toftrees, NFK
Alice JARMANY          Daughter                    17                            Toftrees, NFK

RG13/01824/17/6 - Poppyland, Sidestrand

Alfred JERMY           Head             Married    65     Miller                 Swanton Abbot, NFK
Louisa JERMY           Daughter         Single     34                            Sidestrand, NFK

RG13/01855/119/16 - Caters Road, South Walsham

Frederick JARMANY      Head             Married    32     Agricultural Labourer  South Walsham, NFK
Elizabeth JARMANY      Wife             Married    38                            Alysham, NFK
Frederick JARMANY      Son                         10                            Upton, NFK
Eva JARMANY            Daughter                    8                             South Walsham, NFK
Christina JARMANY      Daughter                    5                             South Walsham, NFK

RG13/01855/114/5 - Kings Arms, South Walsham

John JARMANY           Head             Married    48     Bricklayer & Licensed  South Walsham, NFK
Ellen JARMANY          Wife             Married    48                            South Walsham, NFK

RG13/01855/112/1 - Panxworth Bridge, South Walsham

George W JERMY         Head             Married    60     Woodman On Estate      South Walsham, NFK
Sarah D JERMY          Wife             Married    46                            Hemblington, NFK
William TRETT          Son              Single     21     Labourer On Farm       Lingwood, NFK

RG13/01855/117/11 - Pilsen Green, South Walsham

Fredrick JERMY         Head             Married    45     General Farm Labourer  South Walsham, NFK
Charlotte JERMY        Wife             Married    43                            Ranworth, NFK
Ethelbert JERMY        Son              Single     20     Butcher                South Walsham, NFK
Herbert JERMY          Son              Single     19     General Farm Labourer  South Walsham, NFK
Maud JERMY             Daughter                    16                            South Walsham, NFK
Fredrick JERMY         Son                         12     General Farm Labourer  South Walsham, NFK
Cubitt JERMY           Son                         11                            South Walsham, NFK
Horace JERMY           Son                         9                             South Walsham, NFK
Gerald JERMY           Son                         6                             South Walsham, NFK
Percy JERMY            Son                         9 m                           South Walsham, NFK

RG13/01855/114/5 - The Street, South Walsham

William JERMY          Head             Married    47     Builder                South Walsham, NFK
Mary JERMY             Wife             Married    43                            Upton, NFK
Walter JERMY           Son              Single     24     Bricklayer             South Walsham, NFK
Edward JERMY           Son              Single     21     Bricklayer             South Walsham, NFK
Robert JERMY           Son                         15     Horse Trainers Boy     South Walsham, NFK
Maurice JERMY          Son                         13     Bricklayers Boy        South Walsham, NFK
Laurence JERMY         Son                         11                            South Walsham, NFK
Laura JERMY            Daughter                    9                             South Walsham, NFK
Eva JERMY              Daughter                    7                             South Walsham, NFK
Florence JERMY         Daughter                    5                             South Walsham, NFK
Augusta JERMY          Daughter                    2                             South Walsham, NFK

RG13/01855/115/8 - The Street, South Walsham

Matthew JARMANY        Head             Married    52     Fowl Dealer            South Walsham, NFK
Elizabeth JARMANY      Wife             Married    46                            Upton, NFK
Ernest JARMANY         Son              Single     21     Agricultural Labourer  South Walsham, NFK

RG13/01855/68/2 - Freethorpe Road, Southwood

Frank JERMY            Head             Married    54     Farm Baliff            Potter Heigham, NFK
Thirza JERMY           Wife             Married    53                            Potter Heigham, NFK
Beatrice JERMY         Daughter         Single     18                            Southwood, NFK
Robert JERMY           Son                         13     Boy on Farm            Southwood, NFK

RG13/01833/114/14 - Grave's Opening, Sprowston

Mary JERMY             Servant          Single     55     Laundress Wash         Sprowston, NFK

RG13/01833/141/6 - North Walsham Road, Sprowston

William JARMY          Head             Married    40     Brick Merchant         Sprowston, NFK
Ann JARMY              Wife             Married    39                            Norwich, NFK
William JARMY          Son              Single     20     Brick Carter           Sprowston, NFK
Clara JARMY            Daughter                    17                            Sprowston, NFK
Sarah JARMY            Daughter                    15                            Sprowston, NFK
Elizabeth JARMY        Daughter                    14                            Sprowston, NFK
Louisa JARMY           Daughter                    11                            Sprowston, NFK
May JARMY              Daughter                    9                             Sprowston, NFK
Ellen JARMY            Daughter                    7                             Holt, NFK
Alice JARMY            Daughter                    5                             Holt, NFK
Thomas JARMY           Son                         3                             Sprowston, NFK
George JARMY           Son                         1                             Sprowston, NFK

RG13/01833/116/17 - Sidney Row, Sprowston

Alice Violet JERMY     Boarder          Single     24     Laundress              Sprowston, NFK

RG13/01876/119/14 - , Tatterford

Charles SIMMONDS       Head             Married    36     Platelayer             Rudham, NFK
Beatrice SIMMONDS      Wife             Married    31                            Wroxham, NFK
John JERMY             Father in law    Widower    74                            Salhouse, NFK

RG13/01862/126/4 - Low Tharston, Tharston

William JERMY          Head             Married    68     Glover                 Shottesham, NFK
Elizabeth JERMY        Wife             Married    71                            Gissing, NFK

RG13/01901/18/28 - 20 Cold Market Street, Thetford St Cuthbert

John JERMY             Head             Married    50     General Labourer       Barnham, SFK
Mary JERMY             Wife             Married    48     Charwoman              Littleport, CAM
Edward JERMY           Son                         15     Agricultural Labourer  Thetford, NFK
Eliza JERMY            Daughter                    13                            Thetford, NFK
Nellie JERMY           Daughter                    12                            Thetford, NFK
Willie JERMY           Son                         9                             Thetford, NFK
Vera JERMY             Daughter                    7                             Thetford, NFK

RG13/01827/125/1 - Heath Road, Thornage

Robert JERMY           Head             Married    29     Labourer On Farm       Hemblington, NFK
Jane JERMY             Wife             Married    30                            Lingwood, NFK
Robert JERMY           Son                         9                             Blofield, NFK
Maud JERMY             Daughter                    8                             Blofield, NFK

RG13/01857/50/3 - Factory Road, Thurlton

Steven JERMY           Head             Married    27     Labourer On Farm       Wroxham, NFK
Emma E JERMY           Wife             Married    25                            Worlingham, SFK
Edith M JERMY          Daughter                    2 m                           Thurlton, NFK

RG13/01857/53/9 - Low Road, Thurlton

Robert WARNES          Head             Married    77     Market Gardener        Norton, NFK
Malahah WARNES         Wife             Married    65                            Haddiscoe, NFK
Jonathan JERMY         Step son         Single     31     Labourer On Farm       Thurlton, NFK

RG13/01558/70/10 - Church Road, Tilney All Saints

Harry JERMEY           Head             Married    46     C C Roadman            Clenchwarton, NFK
Frances JERMEY         Wife             Married    43                            Terrington St Clement, NFK
Alice JERMEY           Daughter                    13                            Tilney All Saints, NFK
Harry JERMEY           Son                         10                            Tilney All Saints, NFK
Ada JERMEY             Daughter                    6                             Tilney All Saints, NFK
Ellen JERMEY           Daughter                    3                             Tilney All Saints, NFK
Robert JERMEY          Son                         3 m                           Tilney All Saints, NFK

RG13/01855/109/ - Fishley Rectory, Upton with Fishley

Rebecca JERMY          Servant          Single     19     Housemaid Domestic     Hemblington, NFK

RG13/01855/106/13 - On Cargate, Upton with Fishley

Robert JARMANY         Head             Married    42     General Labourer On    South Walsham, NFK
Laura JARMANY          Wife             Married    39                            Upton, NFK
Alice COOPER           Boarder                     12     Scholar                Lingwood, NFK
Charles COOPER         Boarder                     5      Scholar                Lingwood, NFK

RG13/01561/122/7 - Mudd's Drove, Upwell

William JERMEY         Head             Married    48     Foreman On Farm        Clenchwarton, NFK
Ann M JERMEY           Wife             Married    45                            Outwell, CAM
Arthur E JERMEY        Son                         23     Horsekeeper On Farm    Upwell, CAM
Ada JERMEY             Daughter                    15     Domestic Servant       Upwell, CAM
Jessie JERMEY          Daughter                    13                            Upwell, CAM
Alice M JERMEY         Daughter                    7      Scholar                Three Holes, NFK
Walter W JERMEY        Son                         4      Scholar                Three Holes, NFK
Frederick JERMEY       Son                         2                             Three Holes, NFK

RG13/01850/18/11 - Rattle Row, Wicklewood

Benjamin JERMANY       Head             Widow      79     Retired Railway Plater South Walsham, NFK
Sarah JERMANY          Daughter         Single     47     Housemaid Domestic     Weeting, NFK
John JERMANY           Son              Single     41     Railway Plate Layer    Wicklewood, NFK
Albert JERMANY         Son              Single     27                            Wicklewood, NFK
Robert JERMANY         Grandson         Single     20     Railway Labourer       Wicklewood, NFK
William JERMANY        Grandson         Single     16     Carter On Farm         Wicklewood, NFK

RG13/01854/41/13 - Plumstead Road, Witton

William JERMANY        Head             Married    48     General Labourer       Salhouse, NFK
Anne JERMANY           Wife             Married    47                            Ludham, NFK

RG13/01854/134/2 - Church Farm House, Woodbastwick

Alice JERMANY          Servant          Single     17     Kitchenmaid Domestic   Woodbastwick, NFK

RG13/01854/134/1 - Near Green, Woodbastwick

Benjamin JERMANY       Head             Married    44     Marshman               Woodbastwick, NFK
Mary E JERMANY         Wife             Married    41                            Hempstead, NFK
Elice JERMANY          Daughter         Single     20                            Woodbastwick, NFK
Herbert JERMANY        Son              Single     19     Gardener Domestic      Woodbastwick, NFK
Basil JERMANY          Son                         13     Cattle Boy On Farm     Woodbastwick, NFK
Ethel J JERMANY        Daughter                    12                            Woodbastwick, NFK
Bertie J JERMANY       Son                         10                            Woodbastwick, NFK
Noel J JERMANY         Son                         8                             Woodbastwick, NFK
Victor JERMANY         Son                         7                             Woodbastwick, NFK
Louis JERMANY          Son                         5                             Woodbastwick, NFK
Beatrice JERMANY       Daughter                    6 m                           Woodbastwick, NFK

RG13/01854/138/10 - Primrose Corner, Woodbastwick

James JERMANY          Head             Married    68     Labourer On Farm       Woodbastwick, NFK
Susan JERMANY          Wife             Married    66                            Salhouse, NFK

RG13/01854/135/3 - The Street, Woodbastwick

Jeremiah JERMANY       Head             Married    40     Labourer On Farm       Woodbastwick, NFK
Harriett JERMANY       Wife             Married    39                            Neatishead, NFK
Hannah JERMANY         Mother           Widow      80     Pauper                 Woodbastwick, NFK

RG13/01854/136/6 - Woodbastwick Hall, Woodbastwick

Lousia JERMY           Servant          Single     17     Housemaid Domestic     South Walsham, NFK

RG13/1854/135/4 - Street Farm, Woodbastwick

William JERMY          Head             Married    46     Farmer                 South Walsham, NFK
Mary L JERMY           Wife             Married    48                            Wymondham, NFK
William J JERMY        Son                         4                             St Faiths, NFK
Ann DICKERSON          Aunt             Widow      77     Living on Own Means    Wymondham, NFK
Edith ELLIS            Servant          Single     17     General Servant        Woodbastwick, NFK

RG13/01833/160/14 - Dairy House, Wroxham

Henrietta JERMY        Head             Single     39     Dressmaker             Wroxham, NFK
Reginald JERMY         Son                         15                            Wroxham, NFK

RG13/01833/161/16 - Near Castle Farm, Wroxham

Melinda JERMY          Head             Widow      73                            Skeyton, NFK
Charlotte MURRY        Daughter         Widow      47                            Wroxham, NFK

RG13/01833/155/4 - The Avenue, Wroxham

John ELLIS             Head             Married    60     Farmer                 Repps, NFK
Harriet ELLIS          Wife             Married    65                            Wroxham, NFK
Robert GORBOLD         Brother          Widower    62     Houseman on Farm       Wroxham, NFK
John JERMY             Nephew           Single     35     Agricultural Labourer  Wroxham, NFK
William JERMY          Nephew           Single     28     Agricultural Labourer  , IRE
Mary JERMY             Niece            Single     42                            Wroxham, NFK

RG13/01850/103/17 - Farm House, Carrick Road, Wymondham

Selina JERMY           Servant          Single     20     General Servant        Filby, NFK

RG13/01851/24/8 - Hawthorn Cottage, Wymondham

James JERMANY          Head             Married    33     Farm Labourer          Wicklewood, NFK
Mary JERMANY           Wife             Married    32                            Wicklewood, NFK
Alger JERMANY          Son                         10                            Kimberley, NFK
Herbert JERMANY        Son                         9                             Kimberley, NFK
Alice JERMANY          Daughter                    7                             Wymondham, NFK
Albert JERMANY         Son                         4                             Wymondham, NFK
John JERMANY           Son                         1                             Wymondham, NFK

RG13/01870/37/14 - Clint Green, Yaxham

Sarah JERMEY           Servant          Single     23     Domestic Servant       Unknown,
Gladys JERMEY          Daughter                    8 m                           Norwich, NFK