1871 Census Transcripts - Cambridgeshire

RG10/1589/69/20 - Public House, 3 - 4 Hobson Street, Cambridge Holy Trinity
William JERMY    Head    Married    50    Publican    Wroxham, NFK   
Sarah JERMY    Wife    Married    38       Scottow, NFK   
Ann M JERMY    Daughter       14       Rockland, NFK   

RG10/1585/102/7 - 19 Burleigh Street, Cambridge St Andrew
George GERMANY    Head    Married    30    Gardener    Bumpstead, ESS   
Betsy GERMANY    Wife    Married    33    General Shopkeeper    Cambridge, CAM   
Ellen GERMANY    Daughter       6    Scholar    Cambridge, CAM   
Agnes GERMANY    Daughter       3    Scholar    Cambridge, CAM   
Edward R KELLY    Step son       13    Scholar    Cambridge, CAM   

RG10/1585/15/24 - 197 Newmarket Road, Cambridge St Andrew
William GERMANY    Head    Married    33    Railway Labourer & Dealer in secondhand clothes    Helions Bumpstead, ESS   
Harriet GERMANY    Wife    Married    26       Cambridge, CAM   
William GERMANY    Son       6    Scholar    Cambridge, CAM   
George GERMANY    Son       3       Cambridge, CAM   
Phebe GERMANY    Daughter       18 m       Cambridge, CAM   

RG10/1587/69/38 - Sylfield House, Boltman Street, Cambridge St Andrew the Less
Alfred JERMYN    Head    Married    25    Tailor    Wymondham, NFK   
Ellen S JERMYN    Wife    Married    22       Diss, NFK   
Florence K BOBBY    Sister in Law       10       Diss, NFK   
Emma DOWNING    Servant    Unmarried    18    General Servant    Bessingham, NFK   

RG10/1588/93/21 - 44 Corn Exchange Street, Cambridge St Mary the Great
Sarah GERMANY    Head    Unmarried    67    Charwoman    Helions Bumpstead, ESS   

RG10/1590/71/12 - 7 Kettle's Yard, Cambridge St Peter
George GERMANY    Lodger    Unmarried    19    Cook's Porter    Shoreditch, MDX   

RG10/1582/103/41 - Victoria Road, Chesterton
Frances GERMANY    Head    Widow    55    Annuitant    Cambridge, CAM   
Walter GERMANY    Son    Unmarried    20    Apprentice Bootmaker    Chesterton, CAM   
Arthur A GERMANY    Son    Unmarried    18    Groom    Cambridge, CAM   

RG10/1620/48/6 - Laddus Bank, Elm
Charles JARMANY    Head    Married    25    Agricultural Labourer    St Ives, HAM   
Mary Ann JARMANY    Wife    Married    26       Outwell, NFK   
Elizabeth Ann JARMANY    Daughter       3       Upwell, NFK   

RG10/1584/61/8 - Short Lane, Grantchester
John GERMANY    Head    Married    35    Bricklayers labourer    East Harling, NFK   
Mary Ann GERMANY    Wife    Married    33       East Harling, NFK   
Thomas Aron GERMANY    Son       11    Scholar    Thompson, NFK   
Elizabeth GERMANY    Daughter       9    Scholar    East Harling, NFK   
George GERMANY    Son       7    Scholar    Grantchester, CAM   
Robert GERMANY    Lodger    Unmarried    18    Labourer    East Harling, NFK   

RG10/1606/59/25 - City, Littleport
Martha JARMANY    Head    Widow    72    Pauper    Walsham le Willows, SFK   
Mary Ann JARMANY    Grand daughter       13    Agricultural Labourer    Littleport, CAM   

RG10/1606/66/4 - Burntfen Bank Cottage, Littleport
Ishmael GERMANY    Head    Married    32    Agricultural Labourer    Harling, NFK   
Mary GERMANY    Wife    Married    29       Littleport, CAM   

RG10/1606/88/3 - Lynn Road, Littleport
William JARMANY    Head    Married    67    Agricultural Labourer    Garboldisham, NFK   
Rhoda JARMANY    Wife    Married    61       Kenninghall, NFK   
James JARMANY    Son       17    Agricultural Labourer    Littleport, CAM   

RG10/1606/93/14 - 10 Mile Bank, Littleport
William CRABB    Head    Married    48    Farmer of 300 acres, empl 10 labourers    Littleport, CAM   
Elizabeth CRABB    Wife    Married    38       Littleport, CAM   
William CRABB    Son       9    Scholar    Littleport, CAM   
Sarah JARMANY    Servant    Unmarried    20    Servant    Littleport, CAM   

RG10/1666/68/7 - Farm House, Lynn Road, Littleport
Robert RUMBELOW    Head    Married    42    Farm Bailiff    Littleport, CAM   
Charlotte RUMBELOW    Wife    Married    40       Hilgay, NFK   
George RUMBELOW    Son       15    Agricultural Labourer    Littleport, CAM   
John GARMANY    Lodger    Unmarried    22    Agricultural Labourer    Littleport, CAM   

RG10/1621/38/1 - Town Street, Upwell
Ann JONES    Head    Widow    36    Dressmaker    Upwell, NFK   
Martha JARMANY    Apprentice    Unmarried    24    Dress Maker Apprentice    Mepal, CAM   

RG10/1622/36/10 - Horse & Groom, Upwell
George JARMANY    Head    Married    65    Inn Keeper    Upwell, CAM   
Ann JARMANY    Wife    Married    54       St Ives, HUN   
George JARMANY    Son    Unmarried    29    Agricultural Labourer    St Ives, HUN   
Frances A JARMANY    Daughter       16    Scholar    Upwell, NFK   
Florence JARMANY    Grand daughter       4    Scholar    Upwell, CAM   
John TANN    Servant    Unmarried    19    Servant    Upwell, NFK   

RG10/1615/31/12 - 23 Sandy Sand, Wisbech
Jane GERMANY    Head    Widow    61    Seamstress    Parsons Drove, CAM   
Elizabeth DIGINGS    Sister    Widow    59    House Owner    Parsons Drove, CAM