Eliza Chasteney

It is satisfactory to find that the faithfullness and courage of Eliza Chastney, during the night of the late murders at Stanfield Hall, have not remained unnoticed even by Public Societies. We find that at the Anniversary Meeting of the Female Servants Home Society, for the encouragement of faithful female servants, held on the 10th ult., the report after stating that rewards had been bestowed on eight servants, according to the 1st and 3rd rules.

The committee have bestowed upon Eliza Chastney, in approbation of her conduct, a Bible, and have contributed £1 towards that fund which is now raising on her behalf, regretting that the state of the finances could not enable them to forward a much larger sum. The book is handsome, bearing an appropriate inscription, with Eliza Chastney's name in gilt letters on the inside.

Ref: Norwich Mercury, 2 June 1849, Page 2