Emily Sandford

The subscription to the Fund in behalf of EMILY SANDFORD are informed, that she has emigrated, at her own request, to Australia, accompanied by her brother Mr Henry Sandford. She evinced strong feelings of gratitude towards those who, compassionating her situation, came forward to rescue her from ruin.

The total amount of Subscription was £983 13s 3d; of which £556 5s 6d has been expended in providing for her wants of herself and her Brother, inclusive of £60 given by her desire to members of her own family. The balance of £427 7s 9d remaining at Messrs Gurneys & Co to be remitted as may hereby be deemed advisable.

The details of Expenditure can be seen on application at Messrs Gurneys & Co.

Ref: Norwich Mercury, 16 June 1849, Page 2