Aged Woman's claim to Millions

Fortune Left 100 Years Ago by Sir John Jeremy

Mrs Francis Elizabeth Cornwall, of Church Street, Aber Bargoed, in the Rhymney Valley, claims to be a direct descendant of Sir John Jeremy, who died a century ago, leaving a fortune of seven millions. She is 77 years of age, and her father was Richard Jeremy, and the latter was the son of Richard Jeremy. She explains that there was a John Jeremy in the family before her grandfather, and she believed that was the multi-millionare.

Mrs Cornwall has the marriage certificate of her father and grandfather, and says that the missing link referred to by a Mrs Kirtland, of Cumberland, was Richard Jeremy, her grandfather.

Asked how Richard Jeremy, her grandfather, belonged to Sir John Jeremy, she relied that they were perhaps brothers or cousins.

Ref: The Sunday News, 15 February 1925