Updates to the Jermy Web Pages

13 May 2022

Added three additional broadsheets relating to the Stanfield Hall Murders.

11 June 2020

Moved the web pages to a new hosting company - Webhosting UK.

10 July 2019

Made a few corrections and additions to various pages, and added a couple of pedigrees that were missing from the John Millman web pages.

28 September 2017

Added a zoomable image of the Jermy family tree sent by Gediliah Hunt to Jermy families in late 1890's. The image is the copy made by Stewart Valdar in 1955.

22 June 2017

Updated the photographs for Baconsthorpe, The Middle Temple, Worlingham, and a few other parishes.
Added to the pages about William Jermy of Bayfield and his wives, etc.
Added a page about a possible Swan Mark for the Jermy family of the sixteenth century.
Added photographs of headstones for a number of parishes.

29 April 2017

Re-arranged and added a lot more information about William Jermy of Bayfield, as well as his first wife the Honourable Elizabeth Richardson, and his second wife Frances Preston.

22 March 2017

Added a lot more information about James Jermy - Salvation Army Pioneer, and his family.
Updated the page about Arthur Jermy, violin maker of London.
Re-arranged the pages for Louie Jermy Louie Jermy - "Maid of the Mill" and the Poppyland pages.
Finally added the page about Jermy Publicans. All the information comes from the excellent website Norfolk Public Houses.

Having looked at the statistics of "page hits" for this website it is evident that the census transcripts are amongst the most popular pages. Perhaps I should continue to update them after all?

1 February 2017

It is now possible to stay at the The Mill House, Overstrand, which was made famous by Clement Scott in 1883 when it was known as "Poppyland" and run by Louie and her father Alfred Jermy. Mill House Bed & Breakfast. It is a great place to stay if you are in the Cromer area!

Added a page about Arthur Jermy, violin maker of London, and also added the long-overdue page about George Jermy, whip maker of Norwich.

Have added some descriptive text to most of the photographs of the Preston Monuments at Beeston St Lawrence.

Added new church photographs for some of the Norfolk Parish Extracts pages which were relying on "borrowed" photographs from Simon Knott's excellent website Norfolk Churches.. Also added some photographs of a few Cambridgeshire churches that I didn't have images for previously.

There does not seem to be much point in adding further entries to the census transcripts and parish record extracts pages now that they are available on Ancestry and Find My Past, etc, so I will just make corrections to them in future, as appropriate.

August 2013

Not much added this time...

Have added images of new Roller Pedigree of William Jermy of Bayfield, together with better images of the previous Roller Pedigree of John Jermy of Bayfield in Norfolk.

7 January 2011

An extensive update - well overdue, I know!

Have completely re-done ALL the family history trees, to reflect additional data collected in the past few years.
A lot of the Jermy's mentioned in other parts of the website are now referenced back to their families in the Jermy Family Tree.
Have also added family trees for additional Jermy/Jermey/Jarmy/Germany families in East Anglia and Kent, who may or may not be related to one another, or to the main Jermy family branches.

Have completely re-done all the parish register extract pages, with larger photographs and additional entries. - There are now over 355 parishes covered, with 2391 baptisms, 199 banns, 895 marriages and 1336 burials listed.

Have updated the web pages and photographs used in Residences and Memorials of the old Jermy Family.
Have updated the web pages in Some Notable Jermys, and added some additional "interesting" Jermys, including Hudson Jermy, evangelist, and Francis Henry Jermy-Proby, the godson of Francis Jermy of Leghorn.
Pages dedicated to the Preston monuments in Beeston St Lawrence have been added.
Also added references to a number of additional wills, as well as indicating if abstracts or transcripts are available.
Am in the process of increasing the size of all the photographs, drawings, etc to 800 pixels width, from the current 500 - this is ongoing.

21 December 2008

Have been slowly modifying and adding a number of pages, including:-
A page about Francis Jermy, a merchant of Leghorn, Italy during the 18th century.
A page about the poetry of William Jermy of Bayfield., and another about the Jermy Roller Pedigree that he owned.
A number of new broadsheets relating to the trial of James Blomfield Rush for the Stanfield Hall Murders.

28 April 2008

Have completely redone the census transcripts for 1841, 1851, 1861 and 1871; hopefully including all the name variants, etc. Similarly, have redone the GRO birth, marriage and death index transcripts. Have also analysed the data statistically to chart the changes with time and for the various surname variants.

23 April 2008

All the web pages from http://stanfield.und.ac.za/ have been transferred over to the www.jermy.org website and page requests permanently redirected to it.

September 2006

Added more parish record extracts and church photographs.

21 March 2006 - Another Major Update!

Complete reformating of pages using the Accessible Website Menu by Brothercake, instead of frames. Hopefully this will make it easier to navigate around the website. Just about everything has been changed, added to, or updated.

16 May 2004

Added the outstanding Germany birth index entries for 1911 - 1983.
Added extracts from some additional Parish Registers.
Added details of a manuscript written about the Stanfield Hall murders in 1909 by Price Holland. A transcript of this manuscript is available as an Adobe Acrobat file. Also added a 1931 article from "Tit-Bits" about the murders.
Added an article about the Poppyland Poets.
Added John Millman to the list of Jermy Researchers.
Sorted out a few problems with characters that were not displaying correctly.

17 April 2004 - Major Update

Upgraded the LINUX server to an AMD 2200+ Athlon XP with 512Mb RAM and 30Gb hard disk, running Red Hat - Fedora Linux.

I have put the first batch of parish register transcripts on the web site. Currently, most relate to Norfolk parishes, but there are quite a few additional Suffolk parishes to be added later.

Updated the GRO birth, marriage & death indexes to include entries for the Germany surname and variants, for the period 1837 - 1983, as well as a number of additional Jarmy & Jermyn entries. Most of the entries from 1837 to 1870 came from Stewart Valdar's transcripts, and I have filled in the additional entries using 1837Online.com. (The Germany birth index entries for 1911 - 1983 aren't in digital format yet - they will be coming soon!)

Have also recorded the full PRO references for most of the census entries, and have added quite a few additional Jermy households, most particularly for the 1891 census, plus some Suffolk entries for the 1851 census, and assorted others. (There are still quite a few 1891 entries to be added.)

Updated the Jermy and Preston family trees to include some new information.
Added an additional Jermy Researcher: Fiona Sendall.
Updated the Links Page.

2nd January 2004

An additional DNA analysis was added.
Added a transcript of the 1918 Electoral Register for rural Norfolk areas.
Added a new section showing the use of Jermy as a Christian name.
Added a new section with links to some "unusual" connections to the Jermy name.
Added some extra images of Staffordshire Pottery.
Added two recent aerial photographs of Bayfield Hall.

12th October 2003

Added a new page of extracts from some Published Directories for the period 1783 - 1975, from Stewart Valdar.
Added to and updated the Poppyland pages with an additional article and contemporary postcards of the area, from Pete Jermy.
Added photographs and new bits of information for Jermy monuments at Teversham, Cambridge; Bayfield, Gunton & Pulham St Mary, Norfolk; Metfield, Suffolk; and The Middle Temple, London.

26th August 2003

Added a completely new section on the Jermy DNA Project which is using analytical analysis of the Y-chromosome of male Jermys to assist in unravelling the various branches and origins of the Jermy family.
Updated the 1841 - 1901 Census Extracts with many additional entries for 1841, 1861 & 1871 from Stewart Valdar. Also includes more details for 1861 & 1871 Norwich extracts and the 1901 Norfolk extracts. A number of 1841 - 1871 census extracts for Middlesex have been added, as well as extracts for Halesworth, Suffolk 1841 - 1901.
Updated and added a few extra will entries in the Pre-1858 Probate page.
The Post-1858 Probate page now includes the Principal Probate Registry entries for 1858 to 1998.
Added an additional Jermy Researcher: Beryl Ellingford.
Added some additional images of Staffordshire Pottery.
Updated the Links Page.

26th January 2003

Added data extracted from the Boyd's Marriage Index , Norfolk Marriages and the National Burial Index.
Added 1861 and 1871 census entries for Norwich.
Added 1891 census entries for Strood, Kent.
Added some additional Staffordshire Pottery images.

21st October 2002

Added the Jermy, Jarmany, etc entries from the 1901 census of England and Wales.
Re-generated the Jermy and Preston family trees using the latest version of GedHTree, which allows prefixes for names of people.

25th August 2002

Added two further Jermy Researchers: John Jermy and Paula Whittaker.

10th August 2002

Added some additional images of Staffordshire Pottery, and updated the image descriptions.
Added additional Churchyard headstone inscriptions.

17th February 2002

Added link to John Millman's Genealogy of the Jermy Family web pages

22nd January 2002

Added two further Jermy Researchers and combined related families together.
Added some maps showing the Distribution of Jermy (and variants) families in UK during 2001, from the Telephone Directory and Electoral Roll.
Added some Churchyard headstone inscriptions.
Added separate page for Potash Farm images.
Added details of a BBC TV Production The Stanfield Hall Murders which was broadcast in 1983
and additional image of Stanfield Hall Staffordshire Pottery

9th July 2001

Made some corrections to the 1841, 1861 & 1871 census pages, as well as additions to the 1851, 1881 & 1891 census pages, and resorted them into alphabetical order. Also resorted 1858 - 1973 probate entries into correct chronological order.
Added two further Jermy Researchers

2nd June 2001

Added list of Jermy Researchers
and A Hungarian Connection?

12th March 2001

Modified the home page to be friendly towards "frames-impaired" Web browsers

3rd March 2001

Added Principal Probate Registry entries: 1858 to 1973
and two additional images of Potash Farm Staffordshire Pottery

v1.20 - 10th February 2001

Added a new section for "Jermy Records", including GRO birth, marriage and death indexes, census extracts and pre-1858 probate.

v1.10 - 3rd November 2000

First made available on the internet.
Originally set up the "Stanfield" web server at the University of Natal, Durban, using RedHat Linux 6.1 on a 200MHz Pentium I, but later upgraded to RedHat Linux 7.2 on a 400MHz Pentium II.