Jermy DNA Results

Group 2

Group 2 consists of participants #7300, #7444 and 7768. #7300 and #7444 match on 12 of 12 markers. Prior to the Y-chromosome testing being carried out it was not realised that these two individuals were related, since they lived in different countries. The necessary documentary proof has subsequently been established, with their common ancestor being John Jermy of Norwich, who was born in 1705.

#7768 has a match on 11 of 12 markers with the previous two participants. This indicates that there is a 50% probability that the MRCA was within 37 generations and a 90% probability that the MRCA was within 85 generations. What makes this result interesting is that participant #7768 has established his ancestry back to William Germyn of Hempnall in 1470; the documentary proof of which has been verified by the College of Arms, London. There is no known evidence to link participants #7300 and #7444 to this family tree, but it may provide a direction for further research.


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