The Norfolk Beauties, a song, in imitation and to the tune of the Hogan of Houghton, 1733


Some bards of old time, much delighted with love
In the praise of bright beauty most ardently strove
our Waller, dear poet, (Be praised his name)
has tendered immortal one Sydney to fame
Some have been bewitched by the Lancastrian dames
and others re-echo the Nymphs of the Thames
Yet the beauties of Norfolk remain still unsung
Tho’ such excellent creatures ne’er spoke to the tongue


Had the Trojans seen Bacon, those blades of Renown
Would ha’ given up Helen, & sav’d their dear town
Nor had pains occasion’d so fatal a war
But with honour and triumph been ravish’d with her
Who enjoys but a smile is as great as a Greek
She’s the only thing extant to make the muse speak
They say Dr Turner, but I’m sure you can’t tell
what theme could inspire our poetry so well


Your foreign Monsieurs with their merry nymphs girls play
and dull German skulls love a tun of warm clay
No leisure for love to the ill-fated Poles
But it’s beauty and wit that agrees best with souls engage our souls
All doctors agree that such toasts in our glass
is the reason things here are at so good a pass,
and swear, if Sir Robert were wise as is meet
He would lay down his power at Garboldisham’s feet.

(continued ....)

(Note that the order in which the verses were to be read is different from the order in which they appear)

© Image Copyright
Used with the kind permission of Special Collections, Leeds University. Ref: Brotherton Collection MS Lt q 20.

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