The Norfolk Beauties, a song, in imitation and to the tune of the Hogan of Houghton, 1733

(continued ....)


The old ballad-wright Homer’s delighted with nectar
and yet makes a great fuss with his tall boy call’d Hector
But had fortune thrown him on Norfolk’s fair coast
He’d sung of the Sydneys & charming Miss Host
He’d Ha! Praise both our Sidney & sung of Miss Hoste
Amongst all his heroes not one can be found
Had he met with Miss Warner, could then stand his ground
And for Bully Achilles who did swagger and damn
She has Her eyes w’d have melted him down to a lamb


But hold! One glass now I will drink tho’ I dye
you may guess what I mean, to Miss Molly’s soft eye
She’s so lovely, so lively, so blooming and fresh
No painting can shew her, nor language express
If venus durst peep, to decide, from the sky
Likely Hogan, Miss Hamond, must spiritless dye
But whilst toupets of drawing room belles make their boast
I’ll I defy them to match us, in Norfolk, with toasts.

Wm. J.

© Image Copyright
Used with the kind permission of Special Collections, Leeds University. Ref: Brotherton Collection MS Lt q 20.

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