On a Gentlemanís toasting Miss M Bacon, 1734

(Although this poem is anonymous, the subject matter suggests that the author was William Jermy.)

All peevish jarrings hence be gone
Good wineís the source of joy
Let sprightly wit & mirth alone
our happy hours employ

Come lets have your favourite lass
The idol of your breast
A girl adds lythe to the glass
and gives the wine a zest

Poh! never blush, your toast lets hear
or not a glass I'll fill
you've got some sparkling flames so near,
midst friends her name to tell

Miss Bacon - say you so in truth
your fancy high has flown,
with so much beauty, wit, & youth
will tattered crepe go down?

No - if so high your eyes you raise
you'll find your hopes all most
Striving to stem the sunís bright blaze
Young Phaeton was lost

© Image Copyright
Used with the kind permission of Special Collections, Leeds University. Ref: Brotherton Collection MS Lt q 20.

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