1891 Census Extracts - Essex

Name                Rel to Head      Condition    Age    Occupation             Where born

RG12/1408/88/43 - Military Camp, Colchester

Robert GERMANY        Private         Unmarried    18    Private - Norfolk      Banham, NFK

RG12/1376/8/10 - 1 Quarry Hill, Grays Thurrock

George STARNS         Head            Married      25    Cement Labourer        South Ockendon, ESS
Annie STARNS          Wife            Married      24                           Great Burstead, ESS
Annie STARNS          Daughter                     3                            Grays, ESS
George STARNS         Son                          2                            Grays, ESS
William GERMANY       Boarder         Unmarried    18    Labourer Paper Factory South Ockendon, ESS
Ernest GERMANY        Boarder         Unmarried    18    Labourer Paper Factory Stock, ESS

RG12/1376/109/35 - 134 Argent Road, Grays Thurrock

Ishmael G GERMANY     Head            Married      57    General Labourer       Banham, NFK
Sarah GERMANY         Wife            Married      56                           Great Wakering, ESS
George GOODRUM        Grandson        Unmarried    16    Cement Miller          Grays, ESS
James GOODRUM         Grandson                     11    Scholar                Grays, ESS

RG12/1376/108/34 - 136 Argent Road, Grays Thurrock

George GOODRUM        Head            Married      37    Cement Miller          Fundenhall, NFK
Emma H GOODRUM        Wife            Married      36                           West Hanningfield, ESS
Ada Emma GERMANY      Daughter        Unmarried    18    General Servant        Grays, ESS
Alice GOODRUM         Daughter                     15    Domestic Servant       Grays, ESS
Edith GOODRUM         Daughter                     13    Scholar                Grays, ESS
Rosina GOODRUM        Daughter                     9     Scholar                Grays, ESS

RG12/1376/7/8 - 15 Quarry Hill, Grays Thurrock

John SIMMONDS         Head            Married      30    Stoker and Engine      South Ockendon, ESS
Eve SIMMONDS          Wife            Married      30                           Prettheath, ESS
Arthur HILBY          Boarder         Unmarried    21    Cement Miller          Rochester, KEN
Walter GERMANY        Boarder         Unmarried    19    Cement Miller          Billericay, ESS
Susan GERMANY         Boarder                      14    General Servant        South Ockendon, ESS

RG12/1435/34/19 - Sayers Ind Road, Helion Bumpstead

Ann JERMANY           Head            Widow        74                           Steiple, ESS

RG12/1435/32/15 - Camps Road, Helions Bumpstead

Henry JERMANY         Head            Married      35    Agricultural Labourer  Helions Bumpstead, ESS
Emma JERMANY          Wife            Married      35    Tailoress              Helions Bumpstead, ESS
Arthur JERMANY        Son                          10    Scholar                Helions Bumpstead, ESS
George JERMANY        Son                          8     Scholar                Helions Bumpstead, ESS
Frank JERMANY         Son                          6     Scholar                Helions Bumpstead, ESS
Mary JERMANY          Daughter                     4     Scholar                Helions Bumpstead, ESS
Alice JERMANY         Daughter                     1                            Helions Bumpstead, ESS

RG12/1366/103/4 - New Farm, Lambourne

George RANDALL        Head            Married      43    Farmer                 Sithy?, ESS
Martha RANDALL        Wife            Married      44                           Albury, HRT
Cecil George RANDALL  Son             Unmarried    19                           Little Canfield, HRT
Sarah Ann GERMANY     Servant         Unmarried    19    Domestic Servant       Strett?, HRT

RG12/1365/52/11 - Cottage, Norton Hall Road, Norton Mandeville

Robert GERMANY        Head            Married      53    Agricultural Labourer  South Hanningfield, ESS
Sarah A GERMANY       Wife            Married      48                           Writtle, ESS
John GERMANY          Son                          13    Agricultural Labourer  Great Burstead, ESS
Mary A GERMANY        Daughter                     11    Scholar                Buttsbury, ESS
Herbert GERMANY       Son                          9                            Mountnessing, ESS
Albert DOE            Boarder         Unmarried    26    Agricultural Labourer  Shepleford, ESS
William CLARK         Boarder         Unmarried    22    Agricultural Labourer  Galleywood, ESS

RG12/1375/30/7 - Cottage, West Street, South Ockendon

Abraham HARVEY        Head            Married      62    Agricultural Labourer  Stanford Le Hope, ESS
Mary HARVEY           Wife            Married      72                           Stanford Rivers, ESS
John GERMANY          Lodger          Widower      45    Agricultural Labourer  Meaching Green, ESS
George GERMANY        Son                          8     Scholar                , NFK

RG12/1355/146/38 - 1 Brandon Road, Walthamstow

George WARRELL        Head            Married      35    Carpenter              Shalford, ESS
Agnes WARRELL         Wife            Married      30                           Walthamstow, ESS
Annie WARRELL         Daughter                     13    Scholar                Walthamstow, ESS
Alfred WARRELL        Son                          9     Scholar                Walthamstow, ESS
Mary A JERMY          Aunt            Unmarried    59                           Hackney, LND

RG12/1384/76/11 - Fullers, West Hanningfield

James GERMANY         Head            Widower      81                           West Hanningfield, ESS
William J GERMANY     Son             Unmarried    42    Agricultural Labourer  West Hanningfield, ESS
Frederick GERMANY     Son             Unmarried    40    Agricultural Labourer  West Hanningfield, ESS