1891 Census Extracts - Suffolk

Name                Rel to Head      Condition    Age    Occupation             Where born

RG12/1488/20/7 - Nortgate Street, Beccles

William PITCHERS      Head            Married      85    General Labourer       Ringsfield, SFK
Harriet PITCHERS      Wife            Married      80                           Westhall, SFK
George PITCHERS       Son             Unmarried    52    Agricultural Labourer  Westhall, SFK
Harriett JERMY        Boarder         Widow        85                           Lound, SFK

RG12/1497/129/3 - Lockless Lane, Belton

Elizabeth JERMY       Head            Widow        ---                          ---, ---
Susan GOTTS           Sister          Unmarried    69                           Fritton, SFK

RG12/1487/108/5 - East Ham Street, Bungay

Sarah Ann CLARKE      Head            Unmarried    73    Living on own means    Bungay, SFK
William CLARKE        Brother         Unmarried    66    Tailor                 Bungay, SFK
Hannah JERMY          Lodger          Widow        78    Living on own means    Denton, NFK
Agnes JERMY           Lodger          Unmarried    36    Milliner               Bungay, SFK

RG12/1497/156/2 - Branfords Road, Burgh Castle

William JERMY         Head            Married      47                           Salhouse, NFK
Elizabeth JERMY       Wife            Married      45                           Blofield, NFK

RG12/1497/163/15 - Butt Way, Burgh Castle

William JERMY         Head            Married      23    Agricultural Labourer  Blofield, NFK
Maryann JERMY         Wife            Married      20                           North Walsham, NFK
Hilda H JERMY         Daughter                     9 m                          Burgh Castle, SFK

RG12/1484/54/1 - Chediston Street, Halesworth

Thomas JARMY          Head            Married      64    Ironmonger &           Halesworth, SFK
Eleanor JARMY         Wife            Married      60                           Metfield, SFK
Mary Ann HUIRAND      Daughter        Married      30                           Halesworth, SFK

RG12/1484/47/26 - Pound Street, Halesworth

Robert JARMY          Head            Married      39    Boot & shoesmith       Halesworth, SFK
Elizabeth JARMY       Wife            Married      30                           Halesworth, SFK

RG12/1484/49/29 - Thoroughfare, Halesworth

Sarah JARMY           Head            Widow        62    Post Office assistant  Halesworth, SFK
Sarah JARMY           Daughter        Unmarried    36                           Halesworth, SFK
Jessy JARMY           Daughter        Unmarried    22                           Halesworth, SFK

RG12/1467/74/29 - 65 Windsor Road, Ipswich

Mary JERMY            Head            Widow        36    Keeps General Shop     Hintlesham, SFK
Ernest JERMY          Son                          9                            Kingsland Gate, LND
Florence N JERMY      Daughter                     7                            Kingsland Gate, LND

RG12/1491/82/26 - 8 Youngermans Buildings, Southwell Road, Kirkley

Robert BAILEY         Head            Married      35    Fisherman              Blachall, SFK
Sarah E BAILEY        Wife            Married      35                           Oulton, SFK
Matilda BAILEY        Daughter                     11    Scholar                Lowestoft, SFK
William BAILEY        Son                          8     Scholar                Kirkley, SFK
Henry BAILEY          Son                          4     Scholar                Kirkley, SFK
Arthur BAILEY         Son                          3                            Kirkley, SFK
Dora E BAILEY         Daughter                     8 m                          Kirkley, SFK
James JARMY           Father in Law   Widow        85    Army Pensioner         Toft Monks, NFK

RG12/1482/65/19 - Crown Street, Leiston

John JARMY            Head            Married      67    Engine Fitter          Halesworth, SFK
Elizabeth JARMY       Wife            Married      63                           Halesworth, SFK

RG12/1491/75/13 - 1 Lovewell Road, Kirkley, Lowestoft

Sarah JARMANY         Head            Widow        64    Laundress              Kirkley, SFK
Jane SCARFF           Boarder         Widow        70                           Kirkley, SFK

RG12/1492/75/12 - Walton Road, Lowestoft

James JERMAY          Head            Married      24    Market Gardener        Belton, SFK
Amy JERMAY            Wife            Married      21                           Burgh Castle, SFK
William BURGESS       Brother in Law  Unmarried    18    Fisherman              Burgh Castle, SFK
Arthur BURGESS        Brother in Law               15                           Burgh Castle, SFK

RG12/1493/104/4 - 110 Raglan Street, Lowestoft

William J WILLIAMS    Head            Married      46    Fishing Smack Owner    Barking, ESS
Susan E WILLIAMS      Wife            Married      42                           Hull, YKS
Susan H M WILLIAMS    Daughter                     15    Scholar                Mile End, LND
Ethel W WILLIAMS      Daughter                     12    Scholar                Lowestoft, SFK
Julia J JERMY         Servant         Unmarried    20    General Servant        Carlton Colville, SFK

RG12/1493/90/15 - Lowestoft Hospital, Lowestoft

Louisa JERMY          Patient         Married      49    Housekeeper - Domestic Pakefield, SFK

RG12/1453/113/5 - North Road, Mildenhall

William GERMANY       Head            Married      22    Groom and Gardener     East Harling, NFK
Elizabeth GERMANY     Wife            Married      29                           Mildenhall, SFK
George GERMANY        Son                          2 m                          Mildenhall, SFK

RG12/1454/104/14 - Brubery, Walsham le Willows

James CHAMBERS -      Head            Married      68    Agricultural Labourer  Walsham le Willows, SFK
Naomi CHAMBERS -      Wife            Married      69                           Walsham le Willows, SFK

RG12/1454/102/10 - Crammer Green, Walsham le Willows

James GERMANY         Head            Married      48    Agricultural Labourer  Walsham le Willows, SFK
Elizabeth GERMANY     Wife            Married      47                           Walsham le Willows, SFK
Ernest GERMANY        Son                          15    Agricultural Labourer  Walsham le Willows, SFK
Alice GERMANY         Daughter                     12    General Servant        Walsham le Willows, SFK
Laura GERMANY         Daughter                     9     Scholar                Walsham le Willows, SFK
Ada GERMANY           Daughter                     8     Scholar                Walsham le Willows, SFK
Albert E GERMANY      Son                          3                            Walsham le Willows, SFK