Claim to a £7,000,000 estate

Murders in a Historic Hall

A Camberwell bottle merchant, Mr Charles Larner, has decided to take active steps to claim the Jermy estate in Norwich, which is now said to be worth £7,000,000.

"The manor house of the estate, Stanfield Hall", said Mr Larner to a Daily Express representative yesterday, "was at one time occupied by the ill fated Amy Robsart, who was supposed to have been foully done to death at Cumnor Hall by the Earl of Leicester."

"The house has been the scene of many dramas. In 1838 a transference of interests in the estate led to one John Larner marching up to the hall with eighty or ninety supporters from surrounding villages. The rioters held the house for a day, and had finally to be dispersed by the military."

"A few years later, a man named Rush, who was a friend of Larner, and who owed the Jermy of the day thousands of pounds, walked into the hall and shot Jermy and his son dead."

Mr Larner bases his claims on the rights of John Larner, from whom he is descended. "I have reason", he said, "to be very sanguine that I shall be able clear up many points, in which case I shall seriously consider the question of litigation."

Ref: The Daily Express, 17 November 1924