Serious Riot

John Larner and 81 other persons were arraigned upon an indictment, which charged them with feloniously remaining assembled in a state of tumult for one hour after the Riot Act had been read.

This proceeding arose out of a claim made by Larner in some estates in this county, belonging to Mr Jermy, the recorder of this city. Larner and his 81 fellow-prisoners riotously assembled upon the estate on the 24th of September last, and the magistrates attended and read the Riot Act; and ultimately all the prisoners were captured.

No evidence was offered on this indictment. They, however, pleaded guilty to an indictment charging them simply with the riot. Larner and one other of the prisoners received sentence of three months' imprisonment, nine others of two months, and the remaining 71 of on week.

Ref: The Times, 15 April 1839, Page 6, Column d