Eliza Chestney

ELIZA CHESTNEY - It is proposed by several of the inhabitants of this county to mark their respect for the above faithful and courageous woman, whose life has been nearly sacrificed in endeavouring to save that of her mistress from the hands of a murderer, by raising a subscription, which will be opened for her at Messrs. Gurneys & Co's, and Messrs. Harveys and Hudsons, bankers, Norwich, where any who may be anxious to show their sympathy for such devotion are requested to forward their subscriptions. The money will be invested in the names of the Earl of Leicester, Lord Wodehouse, and Mr T B Proctor, who have consented to act as trustees. The following are among the names already received:- Earl of Leicester, 10l.; Hon. Edward Coke, 5l.; Mr W Bagge, MP, 5l.; Lord Huntingfield, 2l.; the Bishop of Norwich, 10l.; the Dean, 3l.; Lord Hastings, 5l.; Mr Berney Petre, 3l.; Sir W B Proctor, Bart, 2l.; Lord Wodehouse, 5l.; Earl of Oxford, 5l.; Earl Codogan, 5l.; Mr William Burroughs, 2l.; Colonel H Fitzroy, 2l.; Sir H Durrant, l.; Rev Canon Wodehouse, 2l.; Sir John Boileau, 5l.; the Mayor of Norwich, 2l.; Mr T B Proctor, 3l.; Sir Jacob Preston, 4l. Her Majesty has intimated her intention of lending her assistance to the unfortunate girl, and has directed a communication to be forwarded to the county magistrates, requesting to be informed how Her Majesty's pleasure may be most effectively carried into operation. - Norfolk Chronicle.

Ref: The Times, 11 April 1849, Page 5, Column d