Mr Bennett's attack on Emily Sandford in Australia

EMILY SANDFORD - The Adelaide papers give the following detail of an attack upon Miss Emily Sandford, whose unhappy connection with Rush, the murderer is doubtless in the recollection of the public:- Mr R W Bennett, a resident of Adelaide, was charged at the police court with threatening the life of Miss Sandford. The case, at the request of the Bishop of Adelaide (Dr Short), who has acted as guardian to the unfortunate woman since her arrival in the colony, was gone into privately, the local reporter being excluded. "The nature of the charge," says the Adelaide Times, "implied numerous threats held out by the defendant, declaring that if she did not pay him money he had advanced her brother he would blow her brains out, and his conduct was so violent that she apprehended he would carry out his threat. Her brother, who accompanied her to the colony, lost his life at Port Philip, a few days after their arrival. During his stay the defendant, ascertaining he was in want of money to discharge some debts that he had contracted, advanced him the amount, the defendant asserting that he did so on her security. This Miss Sandford denied. She knew nothing of the affair until Mr Bennett made the demand upon her. The defendant, in answer to the charge, persisted that he advanced the money to her brother on her security. He had waited on her several times, but the only reply he could get from her was. "Well, Sir, is that all?" He was so exasperated at her conduct that he certainly made use of harsh words and threatened to shoot her. The magistrate bound the defendant over in heavy securities to keep the peace towards Miss Sandford for six months."

Ref: The Times, 9 October 1850, Page 5, Column a