Jermy, James, for assault

JAMES HENRY JERMY, 21, servant to Sir Edward Burtin, was charged with assaulting Police constable 24 W R at the Crystal Palace. The constable stated that about half past 5 o'clock on Wednesday evening he saw the prisoner and a large crowd of other servants assembled at the entrance of the centre transept of the Crystal palace. He had received orders to remove them. As the crowd began to disperse the prisoner pushed him down, and on getting up he struck witness without any provocation a blow with his clenched fist in the face. Inspector Churcher said there were some 200 servants blocking up the way of visitors in leaving the palace. Several complaints had been made on the disorderly conduct of a number of them and of their bad language. Witness spoke to prisoner about his conduct, and he was assailed with abuse. Yells were uttered, and his authority was demanded. Witness ordered them to be removed. The defendant said the complainant had taken hold of him before he assaulted him. This statement was denied. Mr Ellison fined the defendant £1 10s, or 15 days' imprisonment. The money was paid.

Ref: The Times, 23 June 1871, Page 11, Column f