Analysis of William Jermy's Library

The graph below shows an analysis of the publication dates of the books in the Jermy Library at Bayfield Hall. The number of books obtained per twenty-five year period are plotted, with the lifespan of the various owners of Bayfield Hall superimposed. Assuming that the books were purchased around the year that they were published, it is clear that the various John Jermy's between 1630 and 1744 greatly increased the number of books in the library. William Jermy seems to have continued the book purchases prior to his death in 1752.

Five Oldest Books in the Library

1493 Registrum magnum
1505 Froissart de Chroniqurs in Gothick Letters Vol 1.
1509 Fisher (Bishop) on the Penitence
1513 Missahe
1517 Monmouth (Jeffrey) History of England

Five Most Recent Books in the Library

1751 History of Pompey the Little by Mr Coventry
1751 Swift - His Life by Lord Orrery
1751 Wilton - Description of the funeral of Bishop Hall
1750 Broom's Poems
1749 Wood's History of Bath (2 Vols)