Geographical Distribution of Marriages

The following sets of maps show the distribution of Jermy (and variants) birth registrations in England and Wales from 1837 to 1983. Each page contains two maps; one showing the number of registrations in each county during the set period (generally fifteen years), and the other shows circles centred on each of the districts where registration took place.

There is a general trend in each of the sets of maps. Most events are initially centred around East Anglia, and then spread further afield with time. Norfolk and London have the most registration in each case, but the majority of English counties have at least one birth, marriage or death event during the 1837 - 1983 period.

The registration data was initially imported into the Custodian genealogical database program, sorted into appropriate date ranges and then exported into GenMapUK, where the maps were produced. Both programs allow enough flexibility to manipulate the data and present it in a number of formats.

1837 - 1865
1866 - 1890
1891 - 1915
1915 - 1940
1941 - 1965
1966 - 1983
1837 - 1983