An Hypocrite unmasked:


The Infide of Colonel Robert Jermye difcovered, by the Articles following, the fubfstance whereof was proved to a Jury at Guild hall, London, the 21 of June, 1656.

John Arminger Gent. Having for fome years lyen under the intolerable burden of his malice, and being refolved to unmask the Hypocrite, and to do his Countrey that fervice, as to make fuch Obftructer and Abufer of Justice, capable to receive Jufstice, and uncapable of doing further mischeif; on the 11 Feruary, 1658 exhibited certain Instances by way of Articles to the Lord Keepers of the great Seal against the faid Colonel in thefe words and form following:

To the Right Honourable the Lords Keepers of the Great Seal of ENGLAND

A few of many instances by way of Articles, in purfuance of a more General Charge humbly tendered to your Lordships by John Arminger Gent, againft Robert Jermy Efq; a Juftice of the Peace for the County of Norfolk.

Imprimis. That John Stileman, John Tidde, John Grove, and divers others, being refolved, forceably and riotoufly to enter and take pofeffion of a Ship called, The Tryal of Wells, in the year 1650 did repair to the faid Mr Jermye for advice, who did there upon incourage the faid perfons to proceed in their faid Intentions, telling them, it would be but a Seffions Bufineffe, and he fhould be there, and if they were queftioned there, he would bring them off for their Fees: That accordingly the faid perfons did enter upon the faid ship by force, wounding fome of them that were in poffeffion of her, and turning them forth; and brake a Houfe, and took away feveral Goods: That complaint being made thereof to the faid Mr Jermye, he refufed to grant a Warrant againft the faid Riotors, but there being one after granted from Mr Ward another Juftice, the faid perfons were carryed before the faid Jermye, who refused to binde them over, until he was threatened to be complained of: That at the faid Seffions, he procured the faid Rioters to be difcharged for their bare Fees, and did there countenance them, difcourage and difcountenance thofe which would have profecuted them.

That about feven years fince, one Seele being complained of to Thomas Cook Efq; fince deceafed, and then another Justice of Peace in that County, for Buggery; upon which, the faid Justice iffued forth his Warrant to apprehend him, the faid Mr. Jermye (being then a Juftice of Peace) being informed of it, wrote to the faid Juftice on behalf of the faid party, and defired him to recall his Warrant, and to punifh the Profecutor; which Mr Cooke refufing, he advifed the faid Seele to flie the Countrey until after the Affizes then for that County

That one John Stileman being complained of for the Felonios taking away of certain Evidences or Writings from one Robert Haftings, out of his Cloak-bagge to the faid Mr Jermy, he thereupon about fix years fince, being then alfo a Juftice of Peace, committed the faid Stileman to the Cuftody of a Conftable, as being guilty of, or charged with the faid Felony, where the faid Stileman remained for fome dayes: And after, the faid Mr Jermy difcharged him, without further profecution, firft having inftructed him how to make a fallacious Oath touching the faid Bufineff.

That he without any authority, complelled one Doctor Witherly to allow Mris Katherine Fox 16. per annum, and to fuffer her to take what Wood fhe pleafed off his Ground, and enticed Mris Fox to meet him at a private lone Houfe, where he with much violence and incivility attempted her Chaftity: And further, to prevail with her, he told her, he had hanged one of her Brothers, and the other was fled; and if ever he came again, by the intereft he had, he would hang him alfo, and would make her Heir to the Eftate: And in the mean time would make Doctor Witherly repair the Houfes, and commanded him with threats to do it: And advifed her, to keep company often with two Minifters Wives, that he might keep her company without ftain to his Reputation. But fhe refufing to yield to his Luft, and divulging his Actions, he fo violently profecuted her, upon frivolous and feinged Informations, that fhe was neceffitated being over-powered with him, to flie the Countrey.

That the faid Mr Jermye about fix years fince preferred a Petition to the Commiffioners for Indemnity at Habberdafhers Hall, in the name of John Stileman, John Grove, William Bowman, and others; and did before the faid Commiffioners, fwear that the fubftance of the faid Petition was true, which afterwards the faid three perfons above named, upon their Oaths difowned the faid Petition to be any Act of theirs, and that the fuftance thereof was falfe: And upon hearing the faid Cuafe,wherein the faid Jermye was examined as a Witneff, the faid Commiffioners alfo adjuged the fubftance therrof to be untrue.

That the faid Mr Jermye commenced an Acion againft the faid Mr Arminger for faying thefe words of him (You fit upon the Bench as a Justice of Peace to maintain Roguery and Villany, and I have told you as much to your face upon the Bench) which came to a tryal befoe the Lord Chief Juftice Glynne at Guild-hall London, 21 of June 1656 and then the faid Mr Arminger waving his plea of not guilty, pleaded Juftification, and upon proof of thefe and other like mifdemeanours, the Jury found for Mr Arminger, which Verdict is exemplified.

J. Arminger

Upon reading whereof, the faid Lords Keepers made their Order of Summons as followeth in thefe words:

Lords Keepers Friday the 11 of February, 1658. Upon reading certain Inftances by way of Articles in purfuance of a more General Charge tendered to us by John Arminger Gent agaift Robert Jermy Esq; a Juftice of Peace for the County of Norfolk: It is Ordered, that the faid Robert Jermy doe attend us upon Friday morning, the 18 of this inftant February, at the Court of Ward-Chamber, that we may fpeak with him touching the faid Articles.

With which Order the faid Collonel being ferved, and having a Copy of the faid Articles, appeared the day appointed, and the day following, and being told by the faid Lords Keepers he was to put in his Anfwer in writing, to the faid Articles: Yet the faid Colonel then making fome Dilatory excufe, at the time waved it, and ftill doth, being unwilling to be tryed by the Touch-ftone of Juftice, very well knowing the matters therin contained have already been proved, and yet can be made good to his fhame (if he had any) But he hath made fush fweet gain by his foul practice, that he is loth to forfake his Diana. But how fit he is to be inftructed with fuch an Authority, which fo neerly concerns the Peoples Liberties, let all that love the profperity of their County judge.

Ref: Armiger, J. 1659. A Hypocrite unmasked: or The inside of Colonel Robert Jermye discovered, by the articles following, the substance whereof was proved to a Jury at Guildhall, London, the 21 of June 1656. British Library: c112.h.4 (14)