Bishop Hall's Gold Medallion

Gold medal presented to Bishop Joseph Hall (1574 - 1655) at the Synod of Dort, which assembled in the Chamber of the Doel at Dort, Holland in 1619.

Obverse - In the foreground are spectators with a dog, and on either side the date, 16...19. Legend: ASSERTA. RELIGIONE (Religion Maintained) m.m. Rose: stops, crosses saltire.

Bequeathed by William Jermy (the maternal great-great grandson of Bishop Hall) to Emmanuel College, Cambridge in 1752.

Reverse - Rock surmounted by circular temple and attacked by the four winds: to the temple ascend pilgrims by a pathway up the rock: above, the name of Jehovah in Hebrew, radiate. Legend. ERVNT. UT. MONS. SION. CIO. IO. CXIX. (They shall be even as the Mount Sion). m.m. Rose: stops, crosses saltire.

Engraving of Bishop Hall's gold medal in the 1745 edition of Blomfield's History of Norfolk, Vol. II, owned by William Jermy of Bayfield (1714 - 1752), bearing his bookplate.

The note on the right of the engraving was made by a Preston, possibly the Rev. George Preston, because the book was part of the orginal Bayfield Hall library which was subsequently put up for sale in the Stanfield Hall auction of 1838.