Lady Jermy Way, Teversham

Lady Joan Jermy was the great granddaughter of Edward and Margery Styward. It is thought that she never married. In 1729 she left a cottage and 17 acres of land to the village, the rent of which was to be used by the trustees for the poor of the parish and especially for sending poor children to school. The Lady Jermy Educational Trust distributed money to the needy of the parish from 1729 to 1995.

In 1999 the parish council agreed that a new housing development opposite the church, which is in the area of Lady Joan's original cottage and land, would be known as Lady Jermy Way to commemorate the name of Teversham's benefactoress.

In 2000 a request was made by the local housing authority to the parish council to change the name of the road because there were fears that children living there would be called "Germy" and be subjected to bullying! The council rejected the request.

Ref: Hallatt, M., Hunt, C. & Malone, B. 2000. Teversham Revisited

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