Little Walsingham, St Mary

Here lies in hope and expectation of the joyful and desired day of resurrection when the saviour of the world shall appear in power and judgement to awake all those who have slept in him to be partakers of the everlasting happyness of the eternal kingdom. Sir Henry Sidney, knight, descended from the stem of Viscount Lisle Baron of Penshurst in Kent, Lord Chamberlayn to the Queen's Majesty and governor of Flushing.

His youth was seasoned with the fear of God, duty towards his parents and love to learning. His following age yielded fruits of hospitality towards all the men of charity, towards the poor, faithfullnes towards his friends and of peaceablenes amongst his neighbours. He and his end was concluded with piety, with patience and with a comfortable farewell at the term of 59 years, the 2nd of November anno domini 1612.

Here (joined as well in ye same hope of a joyful resurection as in piety and conjugal love to the said Sir Henry Sidney) rests the body of Dame Jane his wife, daughter of Francis Jermy of Brightwell in Suffolk, Esq, who after her peregrination of 73 years joining 28 thereof in the happy society of her said husband and continuing his name and memory for 28 more (in a most chaste and retired widowhood) upon the 9th of August 1638 departed this life. No lady lived more christianly nor died more happily. Many daughters have done virtuously but thou excellest them all. Pro. 31:29

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