Near this Place lays the Body of
the wife of JOHN MELLISON
and laft Surviving Child of
GEO: England of Great Yarmouth Efq
by ALICE the Daughter of
JOHN JERMY of Bayfield Efq
The sd Ann departed this Life
Oct 10th 1761. Aged 46 Years.
And left iffue GEORGE & CHARLOTTE
Also of
Clerk A.B.
Who departed this Life
June 15th 1789. Aged 43 Years.

George England Mellison was the "nearest in blood" to William Jermy of Bayfield when he died in 1752. There was legal action between the Mellisons and Prestons in order to recover some of the Jermy estates.

(With thanks to Beryl Ellingford for pointing this monument out to me.)

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