Stanfield Hall - Ownership

For a property that has had such an influence on the perceived history of the Jermy family, it was actually owned by them for a relatively short time. The table below shows the known history of the ownership of the Stanfield Hall Manor and estate.

Year Ownership
1249 The manor of Stanfield Hall belonged to the Earl Warren in the time of the Conqueror. The first reference to Stanfield Hall was in 1249 when Richard Curson, Prior of Wymondham, had his house and chapel there
13 - 15 century Owned by the Curson, de Mouton and de Salle families
1448 - 1549 Owned by the Appleyard family, including Sir Nicholas Appleyard
1530 - 1546 Sir John and Dame Elizabeth Robsart lived in the house with their only child, Amy Robsart, who may have been born there. She was to become the ill-fated wife of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester
1549 - 1564 Owned by James Altham Esq, Baron of the Exchequer
1564 - 1599 Owned by Edward Flowerdew
1600 - 1642 Owned by the Gawdy family?
1642 - 1735 Purchased by Lord Thomas Richardson, and remained in the Richardson family until 1735
1735 - 1752 Passed to William Jermy on his marriage to the Honourable Elizabeth Richardson
According to the 1737 indentures the Stanfield Hall estate was then occupied by Roger Sewell
1752 - 1848 Passed to various members of the Preston family
1792 - Rev. George Preston rebuilt the Hall, to a design by William Wilkin. Bricks for the construction were carted from Holkham 40 miles away. Supposedly the staircase cost more than £1 000, and the entire hall more than £7 000. The building took five years to complete and over-extended Rev. George Preston financially. The Preston Arms (in wood) were displayed over the entrance door
1838 - Stanfield Hall estate and contents, plus a large quantity of building materials are offered for auction by James B Rush, on behalf of Isaac Preston
1838 - Isaac Preston changes his name to Jermy and stone Jermy Arms are placed above the entrance door to replace the wooden Preston ones
1841 census - James Blomfield Rush and family in residence
1848 - Murders of Isaac Jermy and his son Isaac Jermy Jermy
1848 - 1920 Passed to Col. Reginald Thorsby Gwyn and remained in the family. The Hall was empty for a while and later occupied by a number of tenants
1851 census - Uninhabited
1861 census - Servants only
1871 census - Servants only
1881 census - George W Boileau (retired Lieutenant) and family in residence
1891 census - Servants only
1901 census - Frederick W Duff (Captain R R Lancer) and family in residence
1911 census - Leslie Fletcher (retired army officer) and family in residence
1920 - 1947 George Rackham (who made his fortune in canine pills) purchased the estate of 700 acres from the Gwyn family for £20 000. It comprised five farms, including Potash Farm. The timber on the estate was valued at between £8 000 - 10 000.
A bricked up Elizabethan fireplace was discovered during repairs to the kitchen area
1947 - 1983 Estate purchased by Dr Harold Hudson for £25 475. The Hall was in poor condition after the war, but was completely refurbished by Dr Hudson. A mains electricity supply was installed to the Hall and the farm buildings
1983 - 2004 Owned by the Stearn family
2004 Stanfield Hall and estate offered for sale at £1.5 million

The Richardson family owned the Stanfield Hall estate for 93 years, William Jermy for 17 years, and the Preston family for 97 years, prior to the Stanfield Hall murders in 1848.

Ref: Dr Harold G. Hudson. 1991. Stanfield Hall. Geo. R. Reeve Ltd, Wymondham.
This booklet provides a very comprehensive history of the Hall, and its various building phases.