Ledger stone in the chancel

Here lyeth ye corps of Dorothy Jermy late ye wife of John Jermy of Wighton. Geñ, deduced from ye ancient stem of Sulyard of Flemmings Hall in the County of Essex. She died ye 29 th of October AN° 1651.

Reader take her charracterised aright
she was a good one and a fayre one tooe,
Nature and nurture made her exquisite
That in her symmetry this its best did doe
In her endowment equally polite, Who
Tost in ye deluge of this sea of teares
By various storms even in her budding yeares,
When but adulted by propitious fate
Would shee her glory should anticipate,
Her blessed pilotts when she wafted hence
Were graceful meekeness, candid patience,
By whose fayre guydance shee her Arke did steere
Yet mett with syrtes where none expected were,
Maugre all which, shees now arriv'd in Heaven
Where efluctuances are changed to smoth and even.

Arms: A lion rampant guardant (Jermy, Argent, a lion rampant guardant gules); impaling: A chevron between three pheons (Sulyard, Argent, a chevron gules between three pheons sable.)

Ref: Farrer, E. 1887. Church Heraldry of Norfolk.

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